The Biography Of Kurt Cobain. He is known as one of the Band members of Nirvana and also one of the famous musicians that ever existed. Kurt Cobain was born from the broken home especially when his parents divorced when he was eight years old. Kurt became sad, and often aloof. He wrote on the wall of his room “I hate mom”, I hate Dad”, Dad hates mom, mom hates dad, it simply makes you want to be sad. Since it was Kurt no taste at home and often lingering in. His musical talents were honed since childhood.

His musical talents are honed since childhood.

The year 1975 Kurt has joined the drum tutoring small and rarely home. When is the birthday of 14 he buys a guitar by his uncle. This guitar is played continuously day and night. He was very eloquent playing ladder led Zeppelin including, another one bites the dust Queen belongs. View Kurt main avid guitar very worried until his mother told him to stop playing the guitar but his mother his disregarded advice.

Kurt infatuation with music to make it out of high school and his mother were evicted from the House. Kurt continues to linger in the evening, join the community of music, to sleep under the bridge, the hunger to feed the fish in the river. One day Kurt tells his pain with the popularity of something on the road.

Kurt has taciturnity, difficulty communicating, has shut down so that it is difficult to find a partner. He recently found a partner after meeting Cris Novoselic. Along with Cris, he sought another partner and eventually met Dave Grohl. A third teenager was later formed the band Nirvana. The three of them are the idealistic musician that does not bother the flowing music, lyrics, or making the existing arrangement of the music. They flow as his conscience. Much of her songs tells the story of the revolt, rebellion, and pangs of life.

Nirvana kept rising like a meteor in the international music world after publishing their first album entitled "Bleach", even the album Nevermind was awarded double platinum. Kurt and Nirvana ultimately continued touring major cities in America and Europe for the promotion of the album. A welcome audience in the world outside of the allegations. Nirvana and Kurt become new Idol of young children in Europe and America, concert schedule, making video clips and all times as the superstars make Kurt thus depression.

She wants to live free, without enough pressure but happens instead. They chase the fans, concert schedules, timetables, a creation of promotional video clips as business demands record companies. Nirvana exploded around the world. Dressed in the style of music the way, stream their music on the emulated by teenagers in America and Europe. Kurt ended up addicted to heroin originally used to withstand the pain of chronic gastritis and scoliosis the illness he suffers long. Kurt repeatedly entered a drug rehabilitation program.

Peak depression Kurt occurs when Kurt Cobain unconscious when the concert in Munich Germany on March 1, 1994. Since leaving the hospital on 8 March 1994 Kurt often attempted suicide to his wife asking for help to police watching him. On 1 April 1994 Kurt back in drug rehabilitation centers. He later escaped from the place April 2, 1994. The police finally lend a hand finding the presence of Kurt, on 8 April 1994 an electrician discovered Kurt in the garage of his home with the deceased.

An Illustration Of The Kurt Cobain Before Suicide

"I beg to stay alive Courtney, for Frances, his will be happier without me. I love you. I love you."– to finish his letter.

Before dawn, Kurt Cobain has since woken up. Television turned on, MTV broadcast but without sound. He walked toward the stereo and set  "Automatic for the People's" of the REM, and then brightly lit a camel and put yourself in the Garden holding a paper with large sizes and a red pen in his chest.

Blank paper in a short time is able to resurrect his intention to write, write the words that have been envisioned him for weeks, months, years and even decades, but he's not immediately written because of the huge paper that looks small, limited. Actually she already long personal letter writing to his wife and daughter are placed under one of the perfume-scented pillow Courtney.

You know, I love you. I loved Frances. I'm sorry. Please do not follow me. Sorry, sorry, sorry, (he wrote repeatedly said "sorry" so as to meet the paper) I'm sorry. I will always be there (crossed out) – I'll protect you. I don't know where I'll go. But I could not stay longer here. (Handwritten letter with Kurt Cobain before his suicide)

Although the weight for him to write the first letter, she knows the second letter will be written will be equally important and that he should be careful about choosing his words. Then he wrote the title letters  "To Boddah "-the name of his imaginary childhood friend.

He uses small letters are written with very careful and write everything in a Union without worrying about punctuation. He composed his words carefully, to make sure his words are clear and easy to understand.

After finished writing the letter, the inclusion into the Pocket and he rose from his bed and took a bag containing nylon rifle, a box of bullets and a box of cigars containing heroin from his closet. Slowly he walked down nineteen staircases wide. There will be lots of blood, lots of blood and horror that not he want to happen in her house because she does not like to haunt his home and left his daughter with such nightmarish dreams has ever endured.

Kurt passed the kitchen, take a can of root beer. He opened the door leading to the backyard and walked through a small patio, walking casually toward the greenhouse is 20 steps, up the stairs and opened the wooden door leading to the garden. He sat on the floor of the building was one room, observing the State of the front door. Like a great Director, he's been planning this thing up on even the smallest details, there have been many a clean (attempted suicide) he did a couple of years later. Then he took a letter from his pocket, there's still a little room left over there. He put it on the floor and write with a larger letter –  "I beg to stay alive Courtney, for Frances, he will be happier without me. I love you. I love you."– to finish his letter.

He pulled out a gun from her purse. Then she went to the sink to take a little of the cooking water to heroin and then sit back. He pulled out a box of 25 rounds, open and take 3 rounds, put it in his magazine, cocked, then take the safety. She sucks a camel Light and drinks a few sips of the root beer. Then Kurt took the small plastic box containing the heroin in his cigars, black tar heroin type ala Mexico costs 100 dollars-an amount of heroin. He took half of it, the size of a pencil eraser, and put it on top of the spoon.

Carefully and very expert Kurt prepared his syringes and heroin, injecting him above the elbow. He put the tool back in the box and feel himself drifting. Kurt gets rid of equipment, light and the light again, while my breath so overweight. With the power remaining Kurt take the weight of the rifle and ordered him to his palate, its also not trigger weight loss of rifle. It would probably be very hard she is very sure of it. And then he went. Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994, at the age of 27 years. This again adds to the ranks of the legendary musicians who died at a young age.

Artist. The Biography Of Kurt Cobain – Musician Band Nirvana.

The Biography Of Kurt Cobain – Musician Band Nirvana

Biography Of Kofi Annan. Kofi Atta Annan was the seventh Ghanaian negotiator who was the Secretary General of the Assembled Countries in the period 1 January 1997 to 31 Desember2006 to two terms of five years. On January 1, 2007, he was prevailing by Boycott Ki-moon. He never won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

Since June 2007, he led the Alliance for a green revolution in Africa, an organization that aims to improve the results of agricultural production and plantation in Africa while fighting starvation, lack of clean water supplies, and soil erosion. The Organization was formed in 2006 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation with a grant of USD 150 million.

Kofi Annan (IPA:/kofi ænən/) son of Victoria and Henry Reginald Annan who was born in the Kofandros Kumasi, Ghana region. The name "Kofi" means "born on Friday". Annan who was born as twins is considered a special event by the Ghanaian tradition. Twin brothers (Efua) died in 1991.

Annan's family is part of the elite group of Ghana. Both his grandfather and his uncle is the head of the tribe. His father's bloodied half Asante and Fante, his mother being half a Fante tribes. Annan's father worked long enough as a manager of an export firm Lever Brothers.

From the years 1954-1957, Annan went to the tip top Mfantsipim school, a Methodist life experience school in Cape Coast established in the 1870 's. Annan has said that the school shows that "the anguish of the poor wherever individuals all around. " In 1957, when he moved on from Mfantsipim, Ghana turned into the main British settlement in the Sub-Saharan locale's freedom.

In 1958, Annan began studying for a degree in economics in high school science and technology Kumasi, which has now changed its name to University of science and technology of Kwame Nkrumah. He got a Portage Establishment grant helped him finish his investigations at Macalester School in St. Paul, Minnesota, Joined States in the year 1961.

He then continued his studies at the Institut Universitaire des Etudes Internationales chutes in Geneva (Switzerland) in the period 1961-1962, and then follow the program Sloan Fellows at MIT Sloan School of Management (1971-1972) and received the degree of Master of Science.

Annan is fluent in French, United Kingdom, crew, other dialects of these languages Will, and other African languages.

He is married to Nane Maria Annan (Lagergren) from Sweden, a lawyer, and artist who is the niece of Raoul Wallenberg stepmother. Annan had two children, Kojo Annan and Ama, from his marriage with Titi Alakija, previously women of Nigeria. He divorced Alakija in late 1970 's. Nane Annan also had a son, Nina Cronstedt de Groot, from a previous marriage.

In 1962, Annan worked as an employee of the budget for the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the United Nations. From 1974-1976, he filled in as Executive of tourism in Ghana. From that point forward, he worked again in the Unified Countries as a Right hand Secretary-general in three successive positions: HR administration and Security Organizer (1987-1990), Program Arranging, spending plan and back, and chief (1990-1992), and in addition Tasks Peace Safeguarding (Walk 1993-Walk 1994).

In his book Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda (shake hands with the Devil: the failure of Humanity in Rwanda), ex-General Roméo Dallaire who served as Commander of the UNAMIR forces claimed that Annan too passive in responding to the genocide of Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda. Jen. Dallaire with outright said that the Under-secretary-general for peacekeeping operations to prevent UN troops intervene in solving conflicts and in providing more support and logistics material.

For example, he claims that Annan failed to provide a response to a fax Dallaire sent repeatedly asked him to in order to be granted access to the Armory, which it should be able to help defend the Tutsi. But Dallaire acknowledged that Annan is a man who feels very "high its commitment" to the principles of the establishment of the United Nations.

Annan when it served as the Deputy General Secretary until October 1995 when he was appointed as the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to the former Yugoslavia. He served in that capacity for five months and returned to his duties as Under-secretary-general in April 1996.

On 13 December 1996, Annan was chosen by the Security Committee as Secretary-General and was affirmed four days after the fact through voting at the General Get together. Annan promptly promised of Office and began his first term as Secretary-general on 1 January 1997. Annan supplanted Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali of Egypt, who is finishing his term. He turned into the principal individual from a Dark African country to fill in as Secretary General.

Annan's term as Secretary-general was reestablished on January 1, 2002, in an uncommon deviation from the informal arrangement. The Workplace regularly turns between landmasses, each with two terms. Since the antecedent Annan was Boutros-Ghali who additionally originates from Africa, Annan will generally just served one term. The expansion of his residency demonstrated the prevalence of Annan.

World Figures. Biography Of Kofi Annan – Former Secretary-General Of The UNITED NATIONS.

Biography Of Kofi Annan – Former Secretary General Of The UNITED NATIONS

Biography Of Sigmund Freud. This one is pretty figures played an important role in the field of psychology. A very central role in the development of the science of psychology, especially in the field of psychoanalysis makes it ought to be referred to as a legendary Psychologist. The following profile and biography of Sigmund Freud.

Biography Of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 in the city of Freiberg is situated in what is now Czechoslovakia, but used to include the territory of the Kingdom of Austria. He was the son of Jacob Freud and Amalia Freud.

A Young Man

When he was four years old, his family moved to Vienna where he spent almost his entire life. Freud was a student at the school, topnotch holds a Bachelor of medicine from the University of Vienna in 1881.

Interested in psychology

Biography of Sigmund Freud noted that during the next ten years he made extensive inquiries in the field of psychology, forming the clinic staff Psychiatry, do private practice in the field of Neurology, working in Paris alongside French neurologist notable Jean Charcot and also together with a physician Josef Breuer people of Vienna.

The Works Of Sigmund Freud

Freud's ideas on the developing level of Psychology for the sake of the level. New in the year 1895 first book Inquiry about the rising Hysteria, in collaboration with Breuer.

Next book interpretation of dreams published in 1900. This book is one of his most original and the most important sales market, although slow at first, but toss him.

After that came pouring out his works are important, and in 1908 when Freud gave a series of lectures in the United States, Freud was already so people are downright honors celebrities.

In 1902 he organized the group discussed the problem of psychology in Vienna. One of the first members who join themselves is Alfred Adler, and some years later also joined Carl Yung. The two men eventually also became a master of the science of Psychology through their own efforts.

Freud married Martha Bernays and had children numbering six people. At the end of his life, he contaminated bone and jaw cancer at the beginning of 1923 and thereafter he underwent surgery more than thirty times in order to restore its condition.

Sigmund Freud died

Even so, he still found work and some important works emerged in the following years. In 1938 the Nazis occupied Austria.

Sigmund Freud already aged 82 years and Jewish descent was forced to go to London, United Kingdom. It avoids pursuit of Nazi soldiers who are hunting the Jews in Europe at the time. Sigmund Freud died on September 23, 1939, in London, United Kingdom.

The Thought Of Sigmund Freud

Freud's contributions to the field of the theory of Psychology so vast its power so it is not easy to condense it. He stressed the great significance of the process of the unconscious attitudes of humans.

He pointed out how that process affects the content of dreams and caused a fumble that waffle-waffle or wrong call, forget against names and also cause suffering over homemade and even diseases.

Psychoanalysis Engineering

Freud developed the technique of Psychoanalysis as a method of healing psychological disease. And he formulated the theory of the structure of human beings. He also developed the theory of popularizing or psychology related to anxiety, self-defense mechanism, the incidence of circumcision, depression, sublimation and much more.

His writings inspired the excitement of the field theory of psychology. Many of his controversial so the fishing heated debate.

Freud may be most famous in terms of proposing the idea that sexual arousal which depressed often become an important cause in the event of illness or neurosis.

He also pointed out that sexual arousal and sexual appetite beginning at the moment of childhood rather than at the time of maturity.

Many of his ideas regarding Freud still at odds with each other, it is very difficult to put his position in history. He is a pioneer as well as the diggers, with talent and extraordinary intelligence which produces a wide range of ideas.

However, Freud's theories (not like Darwin or Pasteur) never managed to get an agreement from the community of scientists and very difficult to say that the part-which part of the idea is that eventually may be regarded as a truism.

Apart from the ongoing conflict against his ideas, it seems very little doubt that Freud was a prominent figure in the history of human thought.

His opinion in the field of psychology has really revolutionized our conception of the human mind, and many of the ideas, as well as the terms, have been used by the public – for example, ego,  the Oedipus complex and the tendency of the desire to want to die.

Indeed, Psychoanalysis is a way of healing a very expensive and very serious and also did not manage anything. But, it is also correct that engineering success-a great success.

Future psychologists conclude that sexual desire is depressed will be more and more important role in human behavior rather than supposition adherents understand Freud.

However, this passion has certainly had a large stock of most psychologist before Freud. Similarly, the majority of psychologists is now convinced that the down-conscious mental processes play a role that is decisive in human behavior, something an underrated people before Freud.

Freud is indeed not a psychologist first, and in the long run, might not be considered his ideas most of approaching truth.

However, he was clear of the most influential and most important in the development of modern psychology theory and his views that have huge meaning in its field offering to him the right to a high enough in the order listed in the list of one hundred most influential Figures in history.

People. Biography Of Sigmund Freud – The Legendary Psychologist.

Sigmund Freud – The Legendary Psychologist

Biography Of Vladimir Lenin. This one is a very well known figure in Russia. He was a Communist revolutionary or important figure who brought Russia into a Communist ideology. He is also known as a politician.

Biography Of Lenin

Name: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov  Lenin
Born: Ulyanovsk, Russia, April 22, 1870
Died: Gorki Leninskiye, Russia, January 21, 1924
Parents: Ilya Ulyanov (father), Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova (mother)
Wife: Nadezhda Krupskaya
Children: –

His full name is Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin. He was born on April 22, 1870, in the city of Ulyanovsk, Russia. His father was Ilya Ulyanov and his mother was Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova.

Lenin was known as a staunch and loyal follower of Karl Marx's ideology about Communism. Lenin put base politics that could only be imagined by Karl Marx a.

Lenin quicker spread of communism throughout the world, he must be recognized as one of the most influential people in human history.

Even now his body was embalmed and exhibited in Russia. His father was a civil servant who dutifully but his brother Alexander was a radical who was sentenced to death for taking part in the mob wanted to kill the Tsar.

A Young Man

Biography of Lenin, it is known that at the age of twenty-three Lenin has already become a Marxist zeal. In December 1895 he was arrested by the Tsarist Government because of their revolutionary activities and thrown into prison with sentencing for fourteen months.

Afterward, it was Lenin and then exiled to Siberia. For three years in Siberia (which apparently is not in just ignore as torture), Lenin was married to a woman who was also a revolutionary ideology called Nadezhda Krupskaya.

Biography of Lenin noted that he wrote the book about the growth of Capitalism in Russia.  The period of his exile in Siberia in February 1900 and ended a few months later Lenin traveled to Western Europe. No fewer than seventeen years he traveled, became a Maestro of revolutionary.

The Party Leadership The Bolsheviks

When the Social-Democratic Labour Party of Russia where Lenin so members so split into two parts, Lenin later became the leader of the larger party fractions called the party of Bolsheviks.

As World War I raged on, it opens up great opportunities to create Lenin. This war brought havoc to military or economic good for Russia and consequently adding to the discontent of the people to the system of Government of the Tsar.

Finally, the Government is deposed the Tsar in the March 1917 year and for a while, it seems Russia is led by a democratic Government. So hear the fall of the Tsar, Lenin hurriedly returned to Russia.

Arriving in his native country he can quickly view and concluded that the Democratic Party does not have enough power and this very good condition make the Communist Party had a strong discipline to master grip State even its members are a bit.

Lenin's Bolsheviks push the House to topple the Government and replace it with a provisional Government which subscribes to the Communists.

Became Leader Of The Soviet Union

The experiment of rebellion in July did not work and forced the hideaway, Lenin. The second trial in November 1917 and Lenin became the new head of State of Government of the Soviet Union Russia at that time.

As the head of Government, Lenin hard but on the other hand, he is very pragmatic.  At first, he was proposing the uncompromising pressures of the existence of a short transitional period towards a society that its economy is entirely based on socialism.

When this is not the way, with flexible Lenin resigned his position and take the road of capitalist mixed economy system-socialists. This goes in the Soviet Union for several years.

Lenin's Death

In May 1922, Lenin ill so between attacks pain was until his death the year 1924 Lenin practically can't do anything.

So died, the remains of Lenin's carefully embalmed or preserved. Lenin's remains can now be seen in the Red Field at the mausoleum Russia up to now.

World Figures. Biography Of Communist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin – Russia.

Biography Of Communist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin

Biography Of Joseph Stalin. In Russia, he is known as the great leader. Stalin is the figure who changed Russia or the Soviet Union once known as for one of the strongest countries in the world. How bio and biography of Joseph Stalin?

Short Biographies Of Joseph Stalin

Name: Josef Vissarionovich Stalin
Born: Gori, Georgia, on December 18, 1878
Died: Moscow, Russia, March 5, 1953
Parents: Besarion Jughashvili (father), Keke Geladze (mother)
Wife: Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Kato Svanidze
Children: Svetlana Alliluyeva, Vasily Dzhugashvili, Yakov Stalin, Artyom Sergeyev, Konstantin Kuzakov

Biography Of Joseph Stalin

Josef Vissarionovich Stalin ' was born with the surname Losif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. The world then knew him by the name of Joseph Stalin.

Josep Stalin was born on December 18, 1878di the city of Gori, Georgia. Besarion Jughashvili his father's name while his mother named Keke Geladze. His father worked as a shoe repair hobby drunkenness.


Joseph Stalin spent his childhood in Gori, Georgia. In 1888 a year before his father died, his parents enter Joseph Stalin in Gori Church School.

At the age of 12, Joseph Stalin was transferred to the Spiritual Seminary in Tbilisi which is the spiritual Training Institute in the city of Tiflis. In this institution, the achievements of Stalin's very well and won high ratings in the academic field.

But entering adulthood, interest in his studies that declining to make achievements deteriorate. The often rebellious behavior makes the school sometimes put it into cells.

Joseph Stalin and Understand Marxism

The nature of his rebels came after he was influenced by the thought of such a revolutionary Nikolay City, Alexander Kazbegi. He also read the book Das Kapital Karl Marx.

The nature of Joseph Stalin is no God was getting into when he joined forbidden in school book clubs. Think of the Marxisnya grow as he joined a meeting of the labor and finally left school.

In 1899, Joseph Stalin's work at the Observatory in Tiflis, Georgia. Here he managed to influence some youth group to organize a movement of rebellion was quickly extinguished by the local government.

Join The Labour Party

To avoid pursuit of Government, Stalin's extensive use of pseudonyms. He joined the social democratic labor party of Russia.

He then raises the power of workers to rebel in the rally. Do it twice he failed. Finally, Stalin was arrested and jailed.

He was later sentenced to three years in exile in Siberia. He escaped and returned to Tiflis. Here he edited the Marxist-leaning newspapers and gave voice to a movement of Marxism Georgia.

Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin

In the year 1903, when there is a split in the party, Joseph Stalin Bolshevik groups favoring under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. Until 1917, he became a member of the party's persistent and enterprising. He was detained not less six times.

After the Bolshevik revolution took place in Russia, in the year 1922 Stalin became General Secretary of the Communist Party. This position opens up vast opportunities for him to use influence on the course of the administration of the Communist Party of Russia. This is the main factor in the struggle towards a peak power of Stalin after Lenin died.

Become The Dictator Of Russia

After Lenin died early in 1924, Joseph Stalin succeeded him. More remote than that, Stalin figured out how to assemble powers alongside Lev Kamenev Grigori Zinoviev and framed a troika or triumvirate.

Together they managed to defeat Trotsky and his followers. Then Stalin turned the face of Zinoviev and Kamenev and get rid of both of them. After successfully defeat "left-wing opposition" in the power struggle, Stalin continues to receive some of their political propositions.

Shortly thereafter, Stalin faced a "right-wing" of the Communist Party and beat them anyway. Towards the early 1930 's, he had become the sole dictator of the Soviet Union.

Joseph Stalin's Cleansing

Starting in 1934, Stalin launched a spate of movement ' cleanup '. Events that at least could be considered the beginning of the acts of cleaning it is a murder that occurred on December 1, 1934, over Sergei Kirov, high officials of the Communist and one of the advisors of Stalin.

Likely, Stalin himself who ordered the assassination, in part to get rid of the Kirov, but seems more intended to hide the cleaning steps further.

In later years, a large number of people who so ever figure the leadership of the Communist Party in the 1917 Revolution, and those who were under the rule of Lenin, was accused by Stalin and traitors were punished.

Cleanup in the mid-1930-40s extends to the whole body of the Communist Party and the armed forces, and cleaning it is not solely directed at the problem of anti-communist and counter-revolutionary.

Stalin was more successful in terms of killing Communists rather than made by police to the Tsar himself. For example, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, elected in 1934, more than two-thirds were killed by the time the next cleanup.

From this obvious steps already, the main motive of Stalin is opening the possibility her set up one power that stands alone in the country. Ironically, it is precisely at a time when great cleanup this is Stalin issued a new Constitution of the Soviet Union called democratically.

Among the political economy that affirmed Stalin forced collectivization of the agricultural sector is. Politics was very unpopular among farmers and many of them went against it. In the early 1930 's, by order of Stalin, millions of farmers killed or allowed to die of starvation.

And in the end this political work. Economically, the Soviet Union's agricultural sector arguably retarded ever since. The politics of Stalin more is pushing fast industrialization. This is resolved in part through a spate of "five-year development plan" which was later emulated by many countries outside the Soviet Union.

In addition to efficient industrialization, political not Stalin arguably brought improvements and success. Although the magnitude of material loss suffered by the Soviet Union in World War II, the Soviet Union out of the war as the country's second-largest industry in the world after the United States.

The main character is the ruthlessness of Stalin. There is not the slightest sense of compassion, looks like a difficult rock melt. Always suspicious, approached paranoia. On the other hand, Stalin was a resilient, strong willpower, unshakeable, swaggering, and had a strong intellect is remarkable.

Biography of Joseph Stalin known as dictator for approximately a quarter of a century, the influence of Joseph Stalin had already penetrated virtually all facets of life.

... The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic – Joseph Stalin

In his lifetime, Stalin sent millions of people to the afterlife or to forced labor camps. This is not much different from Hitler. Estimated victims of Joseph Stalin's amounted to tens of millions of people.

Joseph Stalin is often considered meritorious. It is like the mention of this is redundant. First, the obvious industrialization of the Soviet Union would do her without Stalin. Second, although Stalin driving the acceleration of industrialization, figures he is not a newbie.

During his lifetime Joseph Stalin note was married twice. As for his wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva and Kato Svanidze. From this marriage, he had five children.

Joseph Stalin Died

Joseph Stalin is known as a ' man of steel ' died on March 5, 1953, in Moscow, Russia. The cause of death was bleeding in the brain.

The remains of Joseph Stalin later preserved and stored in Lenin's Mausoleum along with the remains of Vladimir Lenin which is also preserved.

Politician. Biography Of Joseph Stalin – The Dictator Of Russia.

Joseph Stalin – The Dictator Of Russian

Profile and biography of Mikhail Kalashnikov.  He is best known as the maker or the inventor of the AK-47 weapons. He was born November 10, 1919, in the village of Kurya, the Soviet Union of a family of poor farmers.

Biography Of Mikhail Kalashnikov

A Young Man

At the age of 19, Kalashnikov participated conscription and joined the 24th Tank Regiment, 12th Tank Division where he graduated from the school of the mechanic tank and become a mechanic-driver of the tank and reached the rank of senior Sergeant (tank commander). In October 1941, in fierce battles at Bryansk, Kalashnikov is badly injured and had to be hospitalized.

The history of the creation of AK-47 Gun

Over the past few years, Kalashnikov continues to work by improving the design embodies and combines various elements of automatic weapons and assault rifles that had existed at the time.

The first innovation is the use of short cartridges 7.62x39mm. "smaller and compact," said Paul Cornish, a curator of arms at the Imperial War Museum, London, United Kingdom. Selection of gas can also be used as propulsion guns.

Gas can be recycled into the piston and is used for charging the next bullet. So a gun that works with the same principle as the machine gun.

Two things, plus a very simple design is the genius of the Kalashnikov. Until later in the year 1947 is the AK-47 (Avtomat a 1947 model).

In 1949, the AK-47 became the standard rifle of the Soviet Red Army. During the cold war, the AK-47 (Kalashnikov and generation next, AKM) used by Communist troops around the world.

The Soviets additionally piping weapons to aggressor gatherings and left-wing guerrillas who bolster the Soviet interests. As of not long ago, the AK-47 being the most famous weapons on the planet. It is evaluated at around 100 million AK-47 is circling the world over.

However, the Kalashnikov admitted to not earn any money from this. His income only comes from retirement money. Kalashnikov has created a weapon with a simple design, easily mass-produced, it is easy to use.

Even less trained by the army without losing its ability to turn off. These properties make the AK-47 into an effective and reliable weapons for paramilitary and city in battle.

When was this hospital he has ideas for designing a submachine gun? The ability of the Kalashnikov as a designer invites attention. He worked at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Starting in 1942, Kalashnikov worked at Central Research Small Arms Range of the Main Ordnance Directorate of the Red Army. At the same time, the Soviet army was interested in developing an effective assault rifle that is a shortened M1943 round.

The first weapon was presented by Sudayev in 1944, but in tests, it turned out that the guns were too heavy. A new design competition was held two years later where Kalashnikov and his design team participated in the competition.

AK-47 became the symbol of the revolution and even some countries cite images the AK-47 as part of the coat of arms. The name of the Kalashnikov is also used for a variety of items such as umbrellas, knives, and vodka.

Kalashnikov is often asked whether he felt guilty for results that are used in a variety of bloody conflict. But he said,

... My goal is creating the AK-47 is the weapon to defend my homeland. Not wrong me if Kalashnikov became world famous and was used in the conflict areas. Who is to blame is the policy of these countries is not the designer of his weapon. – Mikhail Kalashnikov

He also said that he did not know how the weapons of his creation could exist in the hands of the terrorists and bandits. He is proud of his work even though he professes to be more pleased if they could make a machine that can help farmers, such as lawn mowers.

AK-47 Weapons Standards the militants and rebels.

AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 abbreviated. The number 47 is the year in which these weapons are made. This weapon is very good, very popular legendaries soldier, militant, gangsters, terrorists or robbers though.

How not, this weapon is very easy to use even small children can operate these weapons. The AK-47 is tough to use in any war zone, although this weapon filled sand, his bullets still could come out when fired, although it also filled the mud this weapon also could still be fired.

Even in an article written during the cold war, 9 out of 10 people have died because of this bullet-swept by. This is the real weapons of mass destruction. The price of an AK-47 is also very cheap, its value might be the same with the price of a bottle of brandy.

On December 23, 2013, Mikhail Kalashnikov, died at a hospital in Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic capital where he lived, the Kalashnikov has been hospitalized for the past month with health problems is not known.

Inventor. Biography of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Mikhail Kalashnikov – Inventor of The AK-47 Gun

Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance. When a car is like this now, it is quite difficult to determine who its discoverer. The car is actually made up of thousands of components are discovered and developed gradually.

However, it can be mentioned that Nicolaus j. Cugnot was the first time that big-body vehicles are successfully launched, the three-wheeled, steam-engine and. This vehicle used to pull the gun in 1769.

After that, the other engineers who make similar vehicles was William Murdock who teamed with James Watt of the United Kingdom. they managed to develop and launch the engine steam-engine in 1784.

Richard Trevithick also managed to create and launch vehicles powered by steam. In 1830, the six-wheeled vehicle creation Sir Goldsworthy Gurney ready to skim with a speed of 25 km/h until the mid-twentieth century, different steam-engined vehicles keep on being made however steam motors perilous on the grounds that regularly detonate.

Since the mid-19th century, the rapidly growing car design. in 1860, Joseph e. Jean Lenoir, France, managed to create internal combustion engines burning a mixture of coal and gases as well as mixtures of atmospheric air. This machine works without compression, in which a mixture of fuel and air is put into the cylinder at the time When the shaft is a step in the other half, then ignited with a spark plug, so the pressure of the gas in the cylinder pushes the shaft end of the ride his pace and throw burning gas out. The efficiency of this machine is only 5% but is capable of producing power until 6DK.

Later in the year 1885, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler succeeded in creating an internal combustion-engined car. Though without a clutch to shift power from the engine to the wheels so it makes it difficult when departing, this vehicle is the base model for developers of the next car. Internal combustion engine immediately frowned upon because it does not have the possibility to explode, triggering the fire not outside, not thick, smoky and noisy steam engines do not.

At the same time developed many new discoveries that improve the performance of the machine. In 1886, Nicolaus a. Otto and Eagen Finland successfully developed a pressurized atmosphere made machine inserted into the cylinder, the gas is ignited by the spark plug high-pressure combustion occurs and be able to push the shaft for expansion to get rid of gas combustion. Efficiency is gained by this machine is 11%. Creation engine called Otto's internal combustion engine in 4 steps and has been patented in 1876.

In 1890 Charles e. and Frank Duryea US gasoline-engined car managed to create the first. In 1898 Louis Renault finds a drive shaft instead of a chain is used to move the search engine power to the wheels. Three years earlier, Renault also creates a water-cooled engine. In 1911, the Cadillac Automobile Co. managed to create an electric starter, ignition coils with electric and battery as a replacement for starter crank. In 1922, the air contains rubber tires as tire replacement Tires were first introduced.

The primary auto in the Assembled States patent conceded to Oliver Evans in 1789; in 1804 Evans exhibited his first auto, which isn't just the main auto in the U.S. but on the other hand is the primary land and/or water capable vehicle, a steam-controlled vehicle-fit way ashore and in the water wheels utilizing Waterwheel.

Generally, the first internal combustion engine cars that use gasoline created almost simultaneously in 1886 by the inventor of Germany who worked separately. Carl Benz on 3 July 1886 in Mannheim, and Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Stuttgart.

On November 5, 1895, George b. Selden is granted a U.S. patent for an automobile engine two is not. This patent gives a negative impact on the development of the car industry in the US. Spectacular tunneling is performed by Berta Benz in 1888. Machine-steam, power, oil and vied for decades, with fuel inward ignition motors accomplish strength in the 1910 's.

The production of large-scale manufacturing of affordable automobiles was done by Oldsmobile in 1902 and later developed a massive by Henry Ford in the 1910 's. In the period from 1900 to the mid-1920-a car, innovation advancement is quick, caused by the extensive numbers (hundreds) of little auto creators that are for the most part contending to pick up the world's consideration.

The primary improvement including electronic start and self-starter (both by Charles Kettering, for the Cadillac Vehicle Organization in 1910-1911), free suspension, brake and four tires.

In the 1930 's, most of the technology in the car already created, although often recreated at a later date and given credit to others. For example, rear-wheel drive-front reinvented by Andre Citroën Traction Avant at the launch in 1934, although the technology has already appeared several years earlier in a car made by Alvis and Cord, and in racing cars by Miller (and may have emerged in early 1897).

After 1930, the number of automobile manufacturers drastically reduced. Since 1960, the number of manufacturers is almost fixed and reduced innovation. In many ways, the new technology is only an improvement over previous technologies. With his great discovery of the exception in the management engine, which entered the market in the 1960 's, when the electronic goods become cheap enough for mass production and strong enough to handle the rough environment on the car. Developed by Bosch, this electronic tool can make car exhaust is reduced drastically while increasing efficiency and power.


A car accident is almost the same as the car itself. Joseph Cugnot crashed into automobile-steam  "Fardier " with walls in 1770. Lethal fender bender the first run through recorded was Bridget Driscoll on August 17, 1896, in London and Henry Blisspada, September 13, 1899, in New York City.

Every year more than a million people were killed and about 50 million people are injured in traffic (according to estimates of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). The main cause of the accident was the driver drunk or under the influence of drugs, is not a concern, too tired, dangers on the road (such as snow, potholes, animals, and the driver of a shortcoming). Security facilities have been made especially in cars over the years.

The car has two basic safety problems: they have a driver that often mistakes and tire friction that loses braking when approaching half of the gravity. Automated control has been suggested and made an example of.

Car Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime to anyone. It turns out that around the world there are many surprising facts about it. What is that?

Currently the main cause of the accident because of the increasing number of vehicles already exists. While the existing road did not increase as fast as the growth of vehicles. Congestion on the road to make the safety of drivers is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

According to the results of research carried out by the UN (United Nations), every year road accidents that occurred in the claimed 1.3 million lives. The rest occurred injuries and wounds as many as 50 million each year. From the research found shocking facts surrounding the crash around the world.

1. Standard of Living

In developing countries the majority of low-income people and medium, it turns out that more cases of death that occurred on the road. More surprising yet, in these countries the average vehicle owner only 48% which means many inconsiderate motorists claimed the lives of innocent pedestrians to the other passengers in the vehicle.

From these statistics, hikers, bikers, and the passenger vehicles referred to as vulnerable road users. The proportion of mortality experienced by these road users increases dramatically in countries that its people instead of lower-income countries that high-income people.

2. Speed

Driving over the speed limit is the cause of car accidents most frequently found. Therefore, how to reduce traffic accidents the most simple is to reduce speed. Unfortunately many do not ignore the interests of other road users such as pedestrians. Even less than a third of the country that has taken the necessary actions such as low-speed zones (reduce speed in urban areas) to set them a hobby ' speeding '.

3. Alcohol

40% of fatal accidents resulting from any alcohol consumption. This is very clearly arranged by WHO so that the recommended limits of alcohol content in the blood with a concentration of 0.05 grams per deciliter (g/dl) for adult drivers. Unfortunately, the new less than half the countries in the world to establish the law.

4. The helmet

Use a good quality helmet can reduce the risk of death from accidents by up to 40% and the injuries of more than 70%. Unfortunately the new 40% of countries in the world that has a rule reserved for motorcycle helmets that protect the rider and passenger.

5. Seat-belts

The risk of death for the driver and passenger in front will be reduced between 40-65% and can reduce up to 25-75% of deaths for those who sit in the back if wearing a seat belt. Unfortunately, the new 57% of countries in the world that require seat belts for use in cars by both passengers in the front and in the back seat.

6. Child seat

Who would have thought if a car accident could become the first cause of death in children aged 1 — 3 years in the United States. Then, in some developed countries, there is a rule of law requires that children under 12 years or a height of 135 cm in height use a car seat. Impressed trivial and requires parents took out the extra budget to buy a special child, however the benefits significantly. The risk of death due to accidents in children can be reduced by 54-80% when applying it to children.

7. First aid

Before being taken to the hospital, first aid is done properly can save more people affected by the accident. About 76% of the countries in the world have developed systems of prehospital care, ranging from highly qualified staff to lay community to not only stand to watch the crash.

8. Gender & Age

According to various research, the driver of a man twice as much lead to accidents than women. While the range of age, at least 300 thousand teenagers all over the world resulting in or been the victim of an accident. 5,000 of them died.

9. Gadgets

Using the phone while driving increases the risk of accidents by as much as 400%. Type a short message requires at least 4.6 seconds to type and send. Statistically, this causes a traffic accident every 14 seconds worldwide.

10. Type of accident

Recorded the most frequent accident types occurring and claimed many lives of innocence, i.e. when a vehicle rolled and resulted in another vehicle around affected.

The initial research focused on improving the brakes and reducing the danger of the fire of the fuel system. Systematic research in security collision started in 1958 at Ford Motor Company. Since then, much research focused on the energy absorption of the outside with panels that are easily destroyed and reduced to human movement on the passenger space.

There are standard tests the comprehensive car, like the EuroNCAP and USNCAP. There are also tests that helped by the insurance industry.

Despite the improvement in technology, the death toll from car accidents remains high, in the U.S. approximately 40,000 people die every year, a number that is still growing in accordance with population increase and travel, with a similar trend in Europe. The death toll is expected to be doubled worldwide in 2020. The numbers are a lot more of death is injuries and disabilities.

In the presence of the conditions that required the existence of a special protection of motorists. It is time you have life insurance that can provide guarantees of protection for certain souls and up to you and family. Also take advantage of the accident insurance before the occurrence of the risk, so that this insurance could help you divert the financial losses that you will or family naturally when experiencing disaster accident.

History. Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance.

Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance

Biography Of Thomas Alva Edison. He was one of the inventors of the most contributing to the world thanks to his findings, namely incandescent lamps. He is also an entrepreneur who was the first to mass produce the bulb its findings.

Childhood is considered Stupid

In Ohio, the United States on February 11, 1847, was born a boy named Tommy call. He was born with the ability of mediocrity, has no specific intelligence as other children.

While studying at school, Tommy is unable to follow the education being taught in his school. Therefore, Tommy always gets bad grades and disappointing. Very stupid this boy in view of the party school, made the teachers chose to surrender in an effort to educate Tommy.

One day, Tommy Tommy calling school teachers and give him the letter. The teacher told do not open this letter in travel, give to thy mother. Little Tommy is pleased to bring it home and give it to his mother.

Received a letter; Tommy's mom, Nancy Mathews, read it, then cried. When his tears came out, he read the letter aloud: You son of a genius. The school was too small for them and do not have a teacher to educate himself. In order for you to educate himself, his mother said in a loud voice.

Mother Tommy said to Tommy that you son of a genius son, the school is not yet good enough to educate children who are very good like you. From now on; the mother who will educate you. His mother then draws little Tommy's House and leave the school.

A Great Curiosity

Tommy was undergoing an education at home. Thus Tommy ever learns with free and freely in their homes without having to think about the values the lessons that should be achieved. At home, Tommy pun excitedly devouring scientific books. One remarkable character owned Tommy is the desire him that unusually large plus the unyielding nature of any face.

Tommy ever does great experiments, before entering school age Tommy manages to dissect animals, this is because of the desire him to an animal in the vicinity.

Thomas Edison Made The Telegraph

At the age of twelve, little Tommy already has a small chemical laboratory in the basement of his father's House. A year later he managed to make even the Telegraph forms and model simple and primitive but it could work.

The year 1861 civil war occurs between the States of North and South. This topic to the attention of the people. Thomas Edison saw this opportunity and buy an old print tool for 12 dollars.

He then scored his own story which was given the name "Weekly Herald". This newspaper was the first newspaper printed on a train and fair sold. Oplahnya reaches 400 a day.

Biography of Thomas Alva Edison, at this time Tommy nearly lost his hearing due to an accident. But he doesn't think of it as flawed even think of it as an advantage because he has plenty of time to think than to listen to an empty talk.

The year 1868 Tommy got a job as a telegraph operator in Boston. The whole of his spare time was spent to conduct technical experiments. This year, he found the intercom system electrically.

Thousands Of Attempts Before Successfully

In 1877, he was fussing with the problems at that time with the attention of many researchers, namely incandescent lamps. Tommy realizes how important it is that kind of light sources for the life of the human race.

Find Lamp

Therefore devoting the entire Tommy manpower and time, as well as spending money as much as 40,000 dollars obtained from results of selling his invention to companies and within two years he was experimenting to make incandescent bulbs.

The question is how to find the materials can reply flashing when an electric current but does not burn. In total there are about 6000 ingredients that she tried. Through hard endeavors of Tommy, at last on October 21, 1879, was the primary electric radiant lights that are equipped for consuming for 40 hours.

The world no longer pitches dark when night. Tommy deems foolish little time it successfully created the incandescent bulb, which changed the face of the world forever.

The Discovery Other Than Lamps

Biography of Thomas Alva Edison noted that he received his first patent for the electric vote recorder but no one is interested in buying it and so he switched to the discovery is commercial. His first discovery was that non-commercial use is a stock ticker.

Tommy sold his invention to a company and earn money of 40000 dollars. This money is used by Tommy to open company and the laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

In the laboratory, it is this it various inventions that later on laying the changing patterns of life for most people in the world. The year 1877 he also found the phonograph.

Much more useful results for Tommy. Overall Tommy has produced the 1,039 patients. Development is once in a while said among others: Broadcast print, Electric Pencil Sharpener, process mining, electric torpedo attractive, engineered elastic, batteries, bond blender, mouthpiece, phone transmitter carbon and moving picture projector.

Thomas Edison also has merit in the field of cinema. He combines photographic film which has developed film industries become George Eastman that produce millions of dollars.

He made the Black Maria, a motion picture studio built on the spin. Passing through the years 1920-an increasingly worsening his health and he died on 18 October 1931 at the age of 84 years.

Unique Facts Of Thomas Alva Edison

Among the numerous success stories founder, General Electric was tucked into some interesting facts. Here we present 10 include the following:

  • Thomas Alva Edison is not Deaf, hard of hearing, Tommy often called deaf. But it is not at all cannot hear, but have difficulties to hear perfectly. The cause is different according to some sources. Some call because a fever when she was a child as well as the number of times the middle part of the ear infection is not treated. There is also a mention because his ears struck a train conductor when his chemical laboratory in the carriage of goods on fire.
  • Newspapers on the train first, Tommy penchant for experimenting in the railway carriage makes it has laboratories in the carriage of goods even though the laboratory was eventually caught fire. Tommy then rebuilds chemical laboratory and printing in the trunk of a car. It was here that he published from Grand Trunk Herald which was the first newspaper published on the train.
  • The dot and Dash, Tommy has three children from his marriage to Mary Stilwell. Two of his children were given the unique nickname, Dot (Marion Estelle Edison) and Dash (Thomas Alva Edison Junior), who was allegedly taken from the coat of arms used in the Morse password i.e the point "." and "-".
  • Apply for Mina with Morse code, after Mary Stilwell died, Tommy met Mina Miller who is a son of inventor Lewis Miller. He taught Mina Morse code so that they can communicate secretly with a knock code in their hands. One day, Tommy asked Mina:.-– ... - .-.. -.. –. –. –. – –. –. –. .-. -.-–. which is then answered by: Mina-.-. ... Shortly thereafter, both married.
  • Reject called fails, Tommy protested a newspaper containing the headlines: "After 9,955 times failed to find the incandescent light bulb, Tommy finally managed to find a burning lamp". He asked for the title of the news was replaced. The next day, at the request of Tommy, newspapers were replacing the main headlines being: "After 9,955 times managed to find the failed lamp lights up, Tommy finally managed to find a burning lamp"
  • The first patent failed, in 1869, at the age of 22, Tommy gained his first patent for a u.s. news service voice recording machine drummed for the legislature. With the tool, each Member of the legislature simply moving one button on the machine that will record the Bill that he has chosen. Unfortunately, the legislature rejected because of the way it works slow.
  • Tattoo machine, in 1876, Tommy patented Stencil-pens, a tool which then modified the machine to be Samuel O'Reilly first tattoo. But he still was awarded in recognition of the invention of the first tattoo machine.
  • The first industrial research lab, after selling quadruplex Telegraph purchased Western Union for $ $10 thousand, Tommy used the money acquired to build a place that will specialize in deliberately to continue to produce and develop technological innovation. Located in Menlo Park, New Jersey was eventually developed into the first industrial research laboratory in the world.
  • Witch Menlo Park, the Nickname acquired Tommy after successfully find the phonograph in 1877 at once raised his popularity. The achievement was not very provision unexpected by many people so it looks like magic. His first successful phonograph record sound on tin foil around a grooved cylinder. But the quality of the resulting sound was still bad and the results of her could only play back multiple times only.
  • Electricity for all, the concept and implementation of the power plant and its distribution to the home, Office, and the factory are very important in the development of world industrialization. Tommy was the one who first came up with the concept of it. The first electric power plants built on Manhattan Island, New York in 1882.

Long after his mother's death and Tommy have been responsible for the inventor.

One day at home he browsed old family goods. Suddenly he saw the paper folded in a desk drawer.

He opened it and read its contents: Your son's a stupid kid. We do not allow your child to attend school again. So the content of the actual letter that was taken and given to Tommy to his mother, first time after school.

Tommy is crying for hours after reading the letter. He later wrote in his diary book :

If you enjoy the bright lights at this time, bear in mind that we owe not on a Thomas Alfa Edison but to a mother who is viewed in different ways. Eyes of the love of parents.

If someday, your son or daughter gets stupid cap, cap, cap naughty sluggish or another stamp, which is the same as Thomas Alfa Edison small, who will you trust?

Background information
Name: Thomas Alva Edison
Birth: Ohio, United States, 11 February 1847
Died: New Jersey, USA, October 18, 1931
Parents: Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. (father), Nancy Matthews Elliott (mother)
Brother: Samuel Ogden Edison, William Pitt, Wallace, Marion Edison Edison Edison, Eliza Smith, Carlile Snow Edison, Harriett Ann
Wife: Mary Stilwell, Mina Miller
Children: Charles Edison, Thomas Alva Edison Jr., Theodore Miller Edison, William Leslie Edison, Madeleine Edison

Inventions. Thomas Alva Edison Biography.

Thomas Alva Edison Biography, Genius Child Inventor of The Incandescent Lamp