Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance. When a car is like this now, it is quite difficult to determine who its discoverer. The car is actually made up of thousands of components are discovered and developed gradually.

However, it can be mentioned that Nicolaus j. Cugnot was the first time that big-body vehicles are successfully launched, the three-wheeled, steam-engine and. This vehicle used to pull the gun in 1769.

After that, the other engineers who make similar vehicles was William Murdock who teamed with James Watt of the United Kingdom. they managed to develop and launch the engine steam-engine in 1784.

Richard Trevithick also managed to create and launch vehicles powered by steam. In 1830, the six-wheeled vehicle creation Sir Goldsworthy Gurney ready to skim with a speed of 25 km/h until the mid-twentieth century, different steam-engined vehicles keep on being made however steam motors perilous on the grounds that regularly detonate.

Since the mid-19th century, the rapidly growing car design. in 1860, Joseph e. Jean Lenoir, France, managed to create internal combustion engines burning a mixture of coal and gases as well as mixtures of atmospheric air. This machine works without compression, in which a mixture of fuel and air is put into the cylinder at the time When the shaft is a step in the other half, then ignited with a spark plug, so the pressure of the gas in the cylinder pushes the shaft end of the ride his pace and throw burning gas out. The efficiency of this machine is only 5% but is capable of producing power until 6DK.

Later in the year 1885, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler succeeded in creating an internal combustion-engined car. Though without a clutch to shift power from the engine to the wheels so it makes it difficult when departing, this vehicle is the base model for developers of the next car. Internal combustion engine immediately frowned upon because it does not have the possibility to explode, triggering the fire not outside, not thick, smoky and noisy steam engines do not.

At the same time developed many new discoveries that improve the performance of the machine. In 1886, Nicolaus a. Otto and Eagen Finland successfully developed a pressurized atmosphere made machine inserted into the cylinder, the gas is ignited by the spark plug high-pressure combustion occurs and be able to push the shaft for expansion to get rid of gas combustion. Efficiency is gained by this machine is 11%. Creation engine called Otto's internal combustion engine in 4 steps and has been patented in 1876.

In 1890 Charles e. and Frank Duryea US gasoline-engined car managed to create the first. In 1898 Louis Renault finds a drive shaft instead of a chain is used to move the search engine power to the wheels. Three years earlier, Renault also creates a water-cooled engine. In 1911, the Cadillac Automobile Co. managed to create an electric starter, ignition coils with electric and battery as a replacement for starter crank. In 1922, the air contains rubber tires as tire replacement Tires were first introduced.

The primary auto in the Assembled States patent conceded to Oliver Evans in 1789; in 1804 Evans exhibited his first auto, which isn't just the main auto in the U.S. but on the other hand is the primary land and/or water capable vehicle, a steam-controlled vehicle-fit way ashore and in the water wheels utilizing Waterwheel.

Generally, the first internal combustion engine cars that use gasoline created almost simultaneously in 1886 by the inventor of Germany who worked separately. Carl Benz on 3 July 1886 in Mannheim, and Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Stuttgart.

On November 5, 1895, George b. Selden is granted a U.S. patent for an automobile engine two is not. This patent gives a negative impact on the development of the car industry in the US. Spectacular tunneling is performed by Berta Benz in 1888. Machine-steam, power, oil and vied for decades, with fuel inward ignition motors accomplish strength in the 1910 's.

The production of large-scale manufacturing of affordable automobiles was done by Oldsmobile in 1902 and later developed a massive by Henry Ford in the 1910 's. In the period from 1900 to the mid-1920-a car, innovation advancement is quick, caused by the extensive numbers (hundreds) of little auto creators that are for the most part contending to pick up the world's consideration.

The primary improvement including electronic start and self-starter (both by Charles Kettering, for the Cadillac Vehicle Organization in 1910-1911), free suspension, brake and four tires.

In the 1930 's, most of the technology in the car already created, although often recreated at a later date and given credit to others. For example, rear-wheel drive-front reinvented by Andre Citroën Traction Avant at the launch in 1934, although the technology has already appeared several years earlier in a car made by Alvis and Cord, and in racing cars by Miller (and may have emerged in early 1897).

After 1930, the number of automobile manufacturers drastically reduced. Since 1960, the number of manufacturers is almost fixed and reduced innovation. In many ways, the new technology is only an improvement over previous technologies. With his great discovery of the exception in the management engine, which entered the market in the 1960 's, when the electronic goods become cheap enough for mass production and strong enough to handle the rough environment on the car. Developed by Bosch, this electronic tool can make car exhaust is reduced drastically while increasing efficiency and power.


A car accident is almost the same as the car itself. Joseph Cugnot crashed into automobile-steam  "Fardier " with walls in 1770. Lethal fender bender the first run through recorded was Bridget Driscoll on August 17, 1896, in London and Henry Blisspada, September 13, 1899, in New York City.

Every year more than a million people were killed and about 50 million people are injured in traffic (according to estimates of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). The main cause of the accident was the driver drunk or under the influence of drugs, is not a concern, too tired, dangers on the road (such as snow, potholes, animals, and the driver of a shortcoming). Security facilities have been made especially in cars over the years.

The car has two basic safety problems: they have a driver that often mistakes and tire friction that loses braking when approaching half of the gravity. Automated control has been suggested and made an example of.

Car Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime to anyone. It turns out that around the world there are many surprising facts about it. What is that?

Currently the main cause of the accident because of the increasing number of vehicles already exists. While the existing road did not increase as fast as the growth of vehicles. Congestion on the road to make the safety of drivers is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

According to the results of research carried out by the UN (United Nations), every year road accidents that occurred in the claimed 1.3 million lives. The rest occurred injuries and wounds as many as 50 million each year. From the research found shocking facts surrounding the crash around the world.

1. Standard of Living

In developing countries the majority of low-income people and medium, it turns out that more cases of death that occurred on the road. More surprising yet, in these countries the average vehicle owner only 48% which means many inconsiderate motorists claimed the lives of innocent pedestrians to the other passengers in the vehicle.

From these statistics, hikers, bikers, and the passenger vehicles referred to as vulnerable road users. The proportion of mortality experienced by these road users increases dramatically in countries that its people instead of lower-income countries that high-income people.

2. Speed

Driving over the speed limit is the cause of car accidents most frequently found. Therefore, how to reduce traffic accidents the most simple is to reduce speed. Unfortunately many do not ignore the interests of other road users such as pedestrians. Even less than a third of the country that has taken the necessary actions such as low-speed zones (reduce speed in urban areas) to set them a hobby ' speeding '.

3. Alcohol

40% of fatal accidents resulting from any alcohol consumption. This is very clearly arranged by WHO so that the recommended limits of alcohol content in the blood with a concentration of 0.05 grams per deciliter (g/dl) for adult drivers. Unfortunately, the new less than half the countries in the world to establish the law.

4. The helmet

Use a good quality helmet can reduce the risk of death from accidents by up to 40% and the injuries of more than 70%. Unfortunately the new 40% of countries in the world that has a rule reserved for motorcycle helmets that protect the rider and passenger.

5. Seat-belts

The risk of death for the driver and passenger in front will be reduced between 40-65% and can reduce up to 25-75% of deaths for those who sit in the back if wearing a seat belt. Unfortunately, the new 57% of countries in the world that require seat belts for use in cars by both passengers in the front and in the back seat.

6. Child seat

Who would have thought if a car accident could become the first cause of death in children aged 1 — 3 years in the United States. Then, in some developed countries, there is a rule of law requires that children under 12 years or a height of 135 cm in height use a car seat. Impressed trivial and requires parents took out the extra budget to buy a special child, however the benefits significantly. The risk of death due to accidents in children can be reduced by 54-80% when applying it to children.

7. First aid

Before being taken to the hospital, first aid is done properly can save more people affected by the accident. About 76% of the countries in the world have developed systems of prehospital care, ranging from highly qualified staff to lay community to not only stand to watch the crash.

8. Gender & Age

According to various research, the driver of a man twice as much lead to accidents than women. While the range of age, at least 300 thousand teenagers all over the world resulting in or been the victim of an accident. 5,000 of them died.

9. Gadgets

Using the phone while driving increases the risk of accidents by as much as 400%. Type a short message requires at least 4.6 seconds to type and send. Statistically, this causes a traffic accident every 14 seconds worldwide.

10. Type of accident

Recorded the most frequent accident types occurring and claimed many lives of innocence, i.e. when a vehicle rolled and resulted in another vehicle around affected.

The initial research focused on improving the brakes and reducing the danger of the fire of the fuel system. Systematic research in security collision started in 1958 at Ford Motor Company. Since then, much research focused on the energy absorption of the outside with panels that are easily destroyed and reduced to human movement on the passenger space.

There are standard tests the comprehensive car, like the EuroNCAP and USNCAP. There are also tests that helped by the insurance industry.

Despite the improvement in technology, the death toll from car accidents remains high, in the U.S. approximately 40,000 people die every year, a number that is still growing in accordance with population increase and travel, with a similar trend in Europe. The death toll is expected to be doubled worldwide in 2020. The numbers are a lot more of death is injuries and disabilities.

In the presence of the conditions that required the existence of a special protection of motorists. It is time you have life insurance that can provide guarantees of protection for certain souls and up to you and family. Also take advantage of the accident insurance before the occurrence of the risk, so that this insurance could help you divert the financial losses that you will or family naturally when experiencing disaster accident.

History. Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance.

Biography of The Inventor of The Car and The Accident Insurance

Biography Of Thomas Alva Edison. He was one of the inventors of the most contributing to the world thanks to his findings, namely incandescent lamps. He is also an entrepreneur who was the first to mass produce the bulb its findings.

Childhood is considered Stupid

In Ohio, the United States on February 11, 1847, was born a boy named Tommy call. He was born with the ability of mediocrity, has no specific intelligence as other children.

While studying at school, Tommy is unable to follow the education being taught in his school. Therefore, Tommy always gets bad grades and disappointing. Very stupid this boy in view of the party school, made the teachers chose to surrender in an effort to educate Tommy.

One day, Tommy Tommy calling school teachers and give him the letter. The teacher told do not open this letter in travel, give to thy mother. Little Tommy is pleased to bring it home and give it to his mother.

Received a letter; Tommy's mom, Nancy Mathews, read it, then cried. When his tears came out, he read the letter aloud: You son of a genius. The school was too small for them and do not have a teacher to educate himself. In order for you to educate himself, his mother said in a loud voice.

Mother Tommy said to Tommy that you son of a genius son, the school is not yet good enough to educate children who are very good like you. From now on; the mother who will educate you. His mother then draws little Tommy's House and leave the school.

A Great Curiosity

Tommy was undergoing an education at home. Thus Tommy ever learns with free and freely in their homes without having to think about the values the lessons that should be achieved. At home, Tommy pun excitedly devouring scientific books. One remarkable character owned Tommy is the desire him that unusually large plus the unyielding nature of any face.

Tommy ever does great experiments, before entering school age Tommy manages to dissect animals, this is because of the desire him to an animal in the vicinity.

Thomas Edison Made The Telegraph

At the age of twelve, little Tommy already has a small chemical laboratory in the basement of his father's House. A year later he managed to make even the Telegraph forms and model simple and primitive but it could work.

The year 1861 civil war occurs between the States of North and South. This topic to the attention of the people. Thomas Edison saw this opportunity and buy an old print tool for 12 dollars.

He then scored his own story which was given the name "Weekly Herald". This newspaper was the first newspaper printed on a train and fair sold. Oplahnya reaches 400 a day.

Biography of Thomas Alva Edison, at this time Tommy nearly lost his hearing due to an accident. But he doesn't think of it as flawed even think of it as an advantage because he has plenty of time to think than to listen to an empty talk.

The year 1868 Tommy got a job as a telegraph operator in Boston. The whole of his spare time was spent to conduct technical experiments. This year, he found the intercom system electrically.

Thousands Of Attempts Before Successfully

In 1877, he was fussing with the problems at that time with the attention of many researchers, namely incandescent lamps. Tommy realizes how important it is that kind of light sources for the life of the human race.

Find Lamp

Therefore devoting the entire Tommy manpower and time, as well as spending money as much as 40,000 dollars obtained from results of selling his invention to companies and within two years he was experimenting to make incandescent bulbs.

The question is how to find the materials can reply flashing when an electric current but does not burn. In total there are about 6000 ingredients that she tried. Through hard endeavors of Tommy, at last on October 21, 1879, was the primary electric radiant lights that are equipped for consuming for 40 hours.

The world no longer pitches dark when night. Tommy deems foolish little time it successfully created the incandescent bulb, which changed the face of the world forever.

The Discovery Other Than Lamps

Biography of Thomas Alva Edison noted that he received his first patent for the electric vote recorder but no one is interested in buying it and so he switched to the discovery is commercial. His first discovery was that non-commercial use is a stock ticker.

Tommy sold his invention to a company and earn money of 40000 dollars. This money is used by Tommy to open company and the laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

In the laboratory, it is this it various inventions that later on laying the changing patterns of life for most people in the world. The year 1877 he also found the phonograph.

Much more useful results for Tommy. Overall Tommy has produced the 1,039 patients. Development is once in a while said among others: Broadcast print, Electric Pencil Sharpener, process mining, electric torpedo attractive, engineered elastic, batteries, bond blender, mouthpiece, phone transmitter carbon and moving picture projector.

Thomas Edison also has merit in the field of cinema. He combines photographic film which has developed film industries become George Eastman that produce millions of dollars.

He made the Black Maria, a motion picture studio built on the spin. Passing through the years 1920-an increasingly worsening his health and he died on 18 October 1931 at the age of 84 years.

Unique Facts Of Thomas Alva Edison

Among the numerous success stories founder, General Electric was tucked into some interesting facts. Here we present 10 include the following:

  • Thomas Alva Edison is not Deaf, hard of hearing, Tommy often called deaf. But it is not at all cannot hear, but have difficulties to hear perfectly. The cause is different according to some sources. Some call because a fever when she was a child as well as the number of times the middle part of the ear infection is not treated. There is also a mention because his ears struck a train conductor when his chemical laboratory in the carriage of goods on fire.
  • Newspapers on the train first, Tommy penchant for experimenting in the railway carriage makes it has laboratories in the carriage of goods even though the laboratory was eventually caught fire. Tommy then rebuilds chemical laboratory and printing in the trunk of a car. It was here that he published from Grand Trunk Herald which was the first newspaper published on the train.
  • The dot and Dash, Tommy has three children from his marriage to Mary Stilwell. Two of his children were given the unique nickname, Dot (Marion Estelle Edison) and Dash (Thomas Alva Edison Junior), who was allegedly taken from the coat of arms used in the Morse password i.e the point "." and "-".
  • Apply for Mina with Morse code, after Mary Stilwell died, Tommy met Mina Miller who is a son of inventor Lewis Miller. He taught Mina Morse code so that they can communicate secretly with a knock code in their hands. One day, Tommy asked Mina:.-– ... - .-.. -.. –. –. –. – –. –. –. .-. -.-–. which is then answered by: Mina-.-. ... Shortly thereafter, both married.
  • Reject called fails, Tommy protested a newspaper containing the headlines: "After 9,955 times failed to find the incandescent light bulb, Tommy finally managed to find a burning lamp". He asked for the title of the news was replaced. The next day, at the request of Tommy, newspapers were replacing the main headlines being: "After 9,955 times managed to find the failed lamp lights up, Tommy finally managed to find a burning lamp"
  • The first patent failed, in 1869, at the age of 22, Tommy gained his first patent for a u.s. news service voice recording machine drummed for the legislature. With the tool, each Member of the legislature simply moving one button on the machine that will record the Bill that he has chosen. Unfortunately, the legislature rejected because of the way it works slow.
  • Tattoo machine, in 1876, Tommy patented Stencil-pens, a tool which then modified the machine to be Samuel O'Reilly first tattoo. But he still was awarded in recognition of the invention of the first tattoo machine.
  • The first industrial research lab, after selling quadruplex Telegraph purchased Western Union for $ $10 thousand, Tommy used the money acquired to build a place that will specialize in deliberately to continue to produce and develop technological innovation. Located in Menlo Park, New Jersey was eventually developed into the first industrial research laboratory in the world.
  • Witch Menlo Park, the Nickname acquired Tommy after successfully find the phonograph in 1877 at once raised his popularity. The achievement was not very provision unexpected by many people so it looks like magic. His first successful phonograph record sound on tin foil around a grooved cylinder. But the quality of the resulting sound was still bad and the results of her could only play back multiple times only.
  • Electricity for all, the concept and implementation of the power plant and its distribution to the home, Office, and the factory are very important in the development of world industrialization. Tommy was the one who first came up with the concept of it. The first electric power plants built on Manhattan Island, New York in 1882.

Long after his mother's death and Tommy have been responsible for the inventor.

One day at home he browsed old family goods. Suddenly he saw the paper folded in a desk drawer.

He opened it and read its contents: Your son's a stupid kid. We do not allow your child to attend school again. So the content of the actual letter that was taken and given to Tommy to his mother, first time after school.

Tommy is crying for hours after reading the letter. He later wrote in his diary book :

If you enjoy the bright lights at this time, bear in mind that we owe not on a Thomas Alfa Edison but to a mother who is viewed in different ways. Eyes of the love of parents.

If someday, your son or daughter gets stupid cap, cap, cap naughty sluggish or another stamp, which is the same as Thomas Alfa Edison small, who will you trust?

Background information
Name: Thomas Alva Edison
Birth: Ohio, United States, 11 February 1847
Died: New Jersey, USA, October 18, 1931
Parents: Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. (father), Nancy Matthews Elliott (mother)
Brother: Samuel Ogden Edison, William Pitt, Wallace, Marion Edison Edison Edison, Eliza Smith, Carlile Snow Edison, Harriett Ann
Wife: Mary Stilwell, Mina Miller
Children: Charles Edison, Thomas Alva Edison Jr., Theodore Miller Edison, William Leslie Edison, Madeleine Edison

Inventions. Thomas Alva Edison Biography.

Thomas Alva Edison Biography, Genius Child Inventor of The Incandescent Lamp

Biography Of Rihanna. He was born in Saint Michael on February 20, 1988, had a father named Ronald (descendants of Africans and Europeans) and mother named Monica Fenty (descendants of Guyana).

He has two siblings named Rorrey and Rajad. Rihanna attended Charles f. Broome Memorial School, and then the Combermere School, where she formed a trio with two of her classmates. In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere beauty contest and sang the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey in the Colours of Combermere School Show. Rihanna, born and raised in Barbados may not ever dream will set his foot in America.

Rihanna became known after the single "SOS" get a top peak on the Billboard Hot 100 that then followed the worldwide lead single "Umbrella". In the release of the album Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded version, he gets his surprise return. The single "Disturbia" and "Take a Bow", which also earned the number 1 position a few weeks. After that the "Live Your Life" which reached the top position on the Billboard. In Rihanna's "Rated R" also earned the top spot with the single "Rude Boy" perched at number one for 5 weeks.

Just like "Live Your Life", Rihanna released singles along with Eminem with the single "Love the Way You Lie" that exceeds the rating of other singles. The single perched at no. 1 for seven weeks. In the release of "Loud," Rihanna leaped from number 1 to number 66 with the single "What's My Name?" featuring Drake. So a single numbered a total is eight. It makes Rihanna into third place women who get the most Billboard chart number one. Including, Madonna at number one and Janet Jackson at number 2. Once again, she incises number one in Billboard Hot 100 with his single Only Girl (In the World) who a few weeks earlier with the number 3

After teaming with record label Def Jam, he spent the next three months recording and completing her debut album. The collection highlighted creation Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Stargate (generation group) and Jab and Tone first he teamed up with rapper Memphis Bleek Memphis Bleek's fourth collection "534". By then Rihanna released her first single Pon de Replay on August 22, 2005, which accomplished an apex of number one on the Board Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart. This turned into the point of exchange which achieved the best ten out of 15 nations. Their introduction collection, Music of the Sun was discharged in August 2005 in the Unified States. The collection itself achieved number ten on the Announcement 200, offering 69,000 duplicates in its first week. The collection sold more than two million duplicates worldwide and got a gold testament from the Account Business Relationship of America.

With her third Studio collection, Great Young lady Turned sour was discharged in 2007, Rihanna needs something new with the assistance of music maker Timbaland, William, and Sean Garrett, and rethink the piece of the collection with a crisp, uptempo move tracks, he embraced the more pictures of renegade while recording the collection, at last biting the dust his hair dark and trim it short. Rihanna remarked, "I need to get individuals moving yet at the same time heartfelt in the meantime you feel distinctive each collection, and at this stage, I have an inclination that I need to complete a lot of uptempo tunes. "The collection beat the graphs in nations, for example, the Unified Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Ireland, and crested at number two in the Assembled States and Australia. Not at all like past work, the collection included a more move pop solid rather than the dancehall, reggae and melody styles. The collection got positive audits by faultfinders, the collection turned into the most widely praised at the time when contrasted with the exertion.

On June 8, 2009, Rihanna's scheduled performance at the Grammy Awards but was canceled. The show was canceled allegedly quarrel with her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on charges of making criminal threats. On Walk 5, 2009, Dark colored was accused of the strike and making criminal dangers. Since the Rihanna photograph wounds from the Los Angeles Police Office got by officially spread. An association is known as STOP the Paparazzi has proposed enactment called "Rihanna's law".

Gil Kaufman of VH1 revealed "he conveyed the news relentless from the Rihanna/Darker case has raised various issues with respect to the security of charged casualties of aggressive behavior at home, including the choice by all significant news outlets to unveil the character of the casualty who isn't typically done in instances of abusive behavior at home and the dubious appropriation of the photograph spread". Rihanna was called to testify in the preliminary hearing in l.a. on June 22, 2009. Prosecutors say Rihanna will receive a summons. "I'll accept on his behalf," Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra told Us Weekly on June 22, 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to the violence done to Rihanna. In Return for his supplication Dark colored got five years probation and requested to remain fifty meters from Rihanna, except if at open occasions, which will then be lessened to ten meters.

Red, brave, sassy and flirty. This is really a buzz that would indicate Rihanna to everyone. Loud album cover with a dominant red, plus her flaming red as well since the end of August, Rihanna has a new image. Unmitigated chanter song Forbidden Love, The Virgin also imitates hairstyle Rihanna Red's own Album contains 11 songs, with two single masters "Only Girl (In the World)" and "What's My Name" featuring the voice of Drake. This album is outstanding in four editions in America, and one of them come "DVD The Making Of Loud." The aim of the process of making the album "Loud," Rihanna launches photo book Last Girl On Earth tour, October 27, and direct touring several countries to promote this. Special if the fans could see pictures behind the scenes in this book. "Altogether of a very specific moment of my life, an album of my life," says Rihanna. The tour for this book will continue for early 2011. Starting with Australia around March ' 11.

The first single "Only Girl (In the world)" was released September 10, 2010, with video clips of the nuances of Earth, water, and air that is packaged, exotic and full of tension. The song managed to enter the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart and reaching number 1 in the UK charts, Canada, Australia, and several other countries. "What's My Name?" is also not less successful. The single was released October 29, 2010, this put Rihanna as a singer who's been nine times the first position on the Billboard Hot 100. Besides Rihanna also released a promotional single for the fifth album, entitled who's That Chick and sung as a Duet with "David Guetta". Then, on 25 October, Rihanna and Kanye West released the snippet to be released singles, entitled All of the Lights.

Bio/Profile Of Rihanna

Name: Rihanna
Birthplace: Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988
Father: Ronald (descendants of Africa and Europe)
Mother: Monica Fenty
Forefront: Singer.

Rihanna Album List

Music of the Sun (2005)
A Girl Like Me (2006)
Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Rated R (2009)
Loud (2010)

Artist. Biography of Rihanna-Singer From Barbados.

Biography of Rihanna, Singer From Barbados

Biography Of Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was born poor, low self-esteem, and is destined to fail, just as some of us. His childhood was filled with misery, failure, and hopelessness. However, all of that's never turned his passion to be a great man.

How Dale could change his destiny? And more importantly, how do we change our destiny? I am sure you have a personal vision is the answer! The spirit and power of Dale lie in his vision, and the biography below attest to this truth!

The Life Of Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was born on a farm in Missouri ten miles of railroad, he never saw the car until the age of twelve years. But when she was 46 years old, he was already familiar with the corners of the most remote in the world, anywhere, ranging from Hong Kong to Hammerfest; and at one time, she went closer to the North Pole than the headquarters of Admiral Byrd at Little America to the South Pole.

This Missouri children, ever pluck fruit arbei and cutting wood with a five cent an hour wage, now a coach with the highest paid to the executives of big companies in the art of self-expression.

The former cowboy, who once branded the calf and put up a fence to the West of South Dakota, then went to London to make a show under the patronage of the Royal family.

Dale Carnegie, who experienced a total failure as much as six times when he tried to speak in public, later became a personal Manager Lowell Thomas.

Young Carnegie has struggled to obtain an education, as misfortune always hit on the old farm in the West of the Lau Missouri. Over the years, the "102" flooded and sank the corn and swept clean straw. From season to season, fat pigs ended up tired and kicked the bucket of cholera, the cows showcase droop down to the base, and the bank is undermining to abandon his home loan.

Feel disappointed and desperate, the family sold all their holdings and buy another ranch near State Teachers ' College in Warrensburg, Missouri. Rent rooms may actually be retrieved in the city at a price of one dollar a day, but Carnegie young cannot afford to pay. Then he should stay on the ranch and round trip on horseback as far as three miles into college that every day. At home, he is milking cows, chopping wood, feeding the children of pigs, and learned Latin verbs with coal oil lamp, lighting up his eyes become grim and his head started to droop.

Even as he lay in bed at night, he set up his ring so alarm at three in the morning. His father kept the Kids Jersey-Duroc pigs – and in place of it dangerous, on the nights are very cold, the pig's kids will freeze and die; then they put in the basket, shrouded with burlap sacks, a median was put on the back burner of the kitchen. According to their nature, pigs were demanding food warm at 3 a.m. Then, at the time the alarm rang, Dale Carnegie stop crawling out of the blanket, carrying baskets of pigs it to their mother, keep them fed, and then bring them back to the back of the kitchen stove.

There are 600 understudies contemplating in the State Instructors ' School, and Dale Carnegia is one understudy who is confined from about six of the individuals who can't stand to live in the city. She felt embarrassed in view of poor people, and he needed to come back to the farm riding and includes milking each night. He was embarrassed with his clothes that are too narrow, and long pants that are too short. He quickly developed into a low self-esteem, he was trying to see around looking for a shortcut. He soon finds out that there are several specific groups in College who enjoyed influence and prestige – i.e. football players and baseball, as well as the people who won the debate and public speaking contest.

Realizing that he had no talent for athletics, he decides to win one of the pageant's speech. He spent many months in preparing his speech. Her practice when sitting on the saddle of the horse went to campus and when he was milking cows; and then she would accumulate in stored grain and straw with a fervor practice his speech so fiery dove into fear seeing the events of that day.

However, Rukan, though with a passion and preparation, Dale young turned out to be losing for the sake of defeat. At the time he was 18 years old, was a sensitive and arrogant. He's become very desperate, very depressed, so that's even thought of suicide. But then it happened all of a sudden she started grabbing a victory not just on one contest, but every contest speech that took place at the campus.

Other students implored him to train them, and they also win in the competition.

After graduating from College, he started selling correspondence courses to the entrepreneurs of the cattle in the market among the hills west of Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming.

Although he has the energy and enthusiasm that indefinitely, he still could not achieve success. He became quite desperate so she went to his hotel room in Alliance, Nebraska, in the middle of the day, throwing his body into the bed, and the wail of despair.

He wanted to return to campus, he doesn't want to give up the hard struggle of his performance; but he couldn't afford it. Then he decided to go to Omaha and look for another job. He did not have the money to buy a train ticket, then set out on a freight train, and for that, he had to feed and drink two-carriage trains wild horses as a fare for a ride.

After arriving in Omaha South, he got a job selling Bacon, SOAP, and lard for armor and company. Its territory is in the Badlands and settlements in the Western India South Dakota.

He surrounds his territory with a freight train and be sais, or on horseback and sleeping in hotels where the rooms are the boundary only between Muslim cloth. He studied books on sale, go horseback riding, plays poker with the people of India, and learned how to raise money.

And when, for example, was appointed keeper of the outback stores couldn't pay cash for pork that has been ordered, Dale Carnegie, will take half a dozen pairs of shoes from you position it, selling shoes-shoes to the people on the train, and submit down payment she made it to the Armour and company.

He often attended lessons take a freight train miles a day. When the train stopped to unload the charge, he will rush ran to the city, find three or four traders, get their orders; and by the time the train whistle goes, he will rush back for more sneaks and rely on the train when the train began to move.

Within two years, he has transformed the one region that is not productive and managed to become the number one seller in a train route 29 between sound to South Omaha. Steel companies and promotional offers to him. Those difficulties,  "you've reached what seems impossible. " But Dale refuses promotion of it and stopped, went to New York, studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and touring the country of it, plays a role in Dr. Harley Polly Circus.

She would never be appointed Booth or elevated Barrymore. He had the good sense to realize it. Then he went back to work to sell it, sell cars and trucks for the Packard Motor Car Company.

Dale did not understand anything about the engine, and he doesn't care anything about it. With great reluctance, he must painstakingly push himself to work every day. He wants to have time to study, to write books that had he dreamed first on campus. Then he stopped and started working! He decides will be his days by writing stories and novels, and finance itself by teaching at night school.

Teach what? When he remembers the past and evaluate the results of the work when he was in College, he was the date that had been training in public speaking gave him a lot of confidence, courage, and ability to meet and deal with people in business than with all the subjects merging d. then, he urged the school MC y. à New York gave him the opportunity to manage the course on the public speaking ability for business people.

What makes both these business people as an orator? Does not make sense. An s Y.M.C. sysops know. S those who try such courses, and always failed.  When they refused to pay the salaries of Dale two Dollars/night, Dale agreed to teach on a Commission basis, and only take a percentage of the profits a white garment – if it makes a profit. And for three years, it turns out they paid him thirty dollars a night--not two dollars.

The course was rapidly growing. Another college to hear it, others criticize. Dale Carnegie course soon became a thriving circuit rider, who attended the New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and later in London and Paris.

All textbooks proved too academic and not practical for business people who come in droves to the course. Because of that, he later wrote his own entitled  "Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business ". The book became the official textbook of all Y.M.C. A, likewise at the American Bankers Association and the National Credit men's Association.

There is at least 9 leadership style that you can follow from a Dale Carnegie.

#1 IF YOU NEED to FIND the ERROR, start with praise and honest Appreciation

#2 CRITICIZED BUT NOT HATED, Let other people's Mistakes by not Directly


#4 NO ONE who LIKES RULED, ask questions instead of Giving Direct Orders


#6 HOW to SPUR OTHERS to success, Praise the slightest Improvement




Motivator. Dale Carnegie Biography.

Biography Dale Carnegie, Motivator For All Times

The best Lawyer mesothelioma. Mesothelioma Cancer is one that is very dangerous, even most always are malignant. The time history of the invention of the mesothelioma become topics of discussion the article this time.


Mesothelium tumor found occurs at the end of the 18th century, for the first time. Malignant cancer studied and inspected with very thorough and detail until the mid-20th century. Experts began to suspect a connection between the causes of cancer with exposure to asbestos, it is increasing can be proved. Thoracic Surgery Department of the University of Witswater and the General Hospital in Johannesburg in South Africa in his research managed to provide the most compelling evidence. Evidence of the relationship between the development of mesothelioma in the chest cavity and the result was exposed to asbestos exposure.

In fact, the mesothelioma case was originally found is still quite rare, only 2500 to 3000 cases occur each year in the United States. A surge in new cases occurred in the year 1970 until 1984. It is very related to the industry growth rate is high at around 40 to 60 years earlier. Much less asbestos exposure generally occur in almost all industries, more specifically the industrialized world occurs in the military in World War II, naval shipbuilding factory including.

In general, such cancer mesothelioma occurs in men with age over 60 years. Because asbestos exposure in an industrial in the domination of the majority occur in men, women and children is very rare. Even in women and children was just swept up in the male workers who brought asbestos exposure that clings to her dress and detail carry over to the House.

Cause & Risk Factors

Risk factors for exposure to asbestos: the main risk factors of the mesothelioma Asbestos is a mineral that is found naturally in the environment.

When the asbestos minerals are disconnected, such as when the mining process or when removing asbestos insulation, formed dust will normally. If dust is inhaled or ingested, asbestos fibers then will settle in the lungs or in the abdomen, this irritates the deposition can cause mesothelioma. How irritating is then developed into mesothelioma is not understood. Need about 30 to 40 years or more to develop mesothelioma after a person is exposed to asbestos exposure.

Most people who are exposed to asbestos for a long time are less likely to develop mesothelioma. However, most people who experience brief exposure thus developing the disease. This suggests that other factors may have been involved in the development of mesothelioma on someone. For example, a person inherits the tendency to have cancer or some other condition so that it can increase the risk of developing mesothelioma.

Risk factors

Factors that can increase the risk of mesothelioma include:
• never or frequently exposed to asbestos exposure. If you've ever been exposed to asbestos fibers directly at work or at home, then the risk of mesothelioma will increase.
• Living with someone who works in an environment of asbestos. People who are exposed to asbestos fibers can carry home on their clothes and skin. Exposure to these fibers over the years can put his family at risk for mesothelioma. People who work with high levels of asbestos that can reduce the risk of bringing the asbestos fibers to the home by means of a shower and change clothes before they get home from work.
• A monkey virus used in the polio vaccine. Some research suggests a connection between mesothelioma and simian virus 40 (SV40), a virus that was originally discovered in monkeys. Millions of people may have been exposed to SV40 when received polio vaccinations between the years 1955 and 1963 because the vaccine was developed using monkeys. Once it is known that SV40 has a connection with particular cancer, then the virus is removed from the polio vaccine. Whether SV40 may increase the risk of mesothelioma or not is still a debate, and further research is still needed.


At the point when pleural mesothelioma spreads over the chest, this condition will put weight on structures around the region. This can prompt difficulties, for example;
• Difficulty breathing
• Chest pain
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Swelling of the neck and face are caused by pressure on the vein the great vein that leads from the upper body to your heart (vena cava superior syndrome)
• Pain caused by pressure on a nerve and spinal cord
• The accumulation of fluid in the chest (pleural effusion), which can compress the lungs and make breathing difficult person

When to see a doctor?

If you have signs and symptoms that may indicate mesothelioma, soon encountered the doctor. Signs and symptoms of mesothelioma are usually not specific, because mesothelioma is classified as rare, and signs/symptoms tend to be associated with other conditions. If there are signs and symptoms of persistent that looks strange or annoying, ask the doctor doing the evaluation. Inform the doctor if you have been exposed to asbestos fibers.

Lifestyle & home care

The types of treatments that can be traveled to mesothelioma cases will depend on the condition and health of specific aspects of cancer, such as the levels and location of cancer. Unfortunately, mesothelioma is often the aggressive disease and a cure for most people, in total it is impossible to obtain. Mesothelioma is usually diagnosed at advanced stages – especially in cases where cancer may not be eliminated through surgery. However, the doctor may attempt to control it and make cancer patients 'more comfortable'.

Discuss the goal of treatment with the doctor. Some people want to do everything they can do to treat their cancer, even if such treatment would cause permanent side effects with minimal recovery opportunities. Others prefer treatments that can make them comfortable so they can live the rest of life the rest of their time without symptoms.


Chemotherapy procedures using chemicals to kill cancer cells. Systemic chemotherapy is running throughout the body and can shrink or slow the growth of mesothelioma that cannot be removed with surgery. Chemotherapy can also be done before surgery (chemotherapy neoadjuvan) to make easier operation or after surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy) to reduce the possibility of the return of cancer.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy directs a high energy, such as x-rays, to a certain place or to the direction of the spots on the body. Radiation can reduce signs and symptoms in people who have mesothelioma pleural. Radiation therapy is sometimes used after surgery or biopsy procedures to prevent spread into the area of mesothelioma surgical incision.

Clinical trials

The Clinical trial is a study of the methods of the treatment of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma patients can take the opportunity to undergo clinical trials as a new type of treatment process. However, the total recovery is not guaranteed. Caution in considering treatment options, consult your physician regarding the types of clinical trials that are available. Participation in a clinical trial may help doctors to better understand the kind of proper treatment for mesothelioma in the days to come.

Currently, clinical trials investigating Middle type drugs targeted (accorded in accordance with the target). This type of targeted drug therapy using drugs to cope with certain abnormalities in cancer cells. A target that is being examined in the mesothelioma is a substance that makes cancer cells are able to attract new blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to cancer. Researchers hope the kind of drugs that target these areas can help kill the mesothelioma cells.

Alternative therapies

Yet there is a type of alternative medicine which really proves to be helpful in treating mesothelioma. However, alternative and complementary medicine can help control the signs and symptoms of mesothelioma. Discuss alternative treatment options with a doctor.

Mesothelioma can cause pressure on the chest which can make patients feel as if shortness of breath. Your doctor may suggest using additional oxygen or taking special drugs so that patients feel more comfortable, although the (often) this is not enough. Combining the recommended care doctor with complementary approaches/alternatives can help patients feel better.

An alternative treatment is promising as well as help people overcome the shortness of breath includes:

• Acupuncture. Acupuncture using needles thinner entered at specific points on the skin.
• Training of breath. A nurse or physical therapist can teach you breathing techniques that can be used when the patient feels shortness of breath sometimes create panic. Deployment of this technique can help control respiratory conditions.
• Practice relaxation. Suspenseful and relaxes a bunch of different muscle slowly can help a patient feel more comfortable and breathe easier. The doctor will probably recommend a therapist who can teach the exercises of relaxation so that the patient can do it yourself.
• Sit near the fan. Direct a fan towards the face can help relieve the sensation of shortness of breath.


The diagnosis of mesothelioma can negatively impact upon and quite heavy, not only for the sufferer but also for family and friends. Try to:

• Learn about mesothelioma before making a decision about treatment. Write down questions that would like to ask the doctor. Ask for information to team occupational health nurses can help better understand disease mesothelioma.
• Seek support. Close friends or family can help everyday tasks, such as helping to make the promise of the examination or treatment of a doctor.
• Seek out others with similar conditions (cancer). Sometimes there are certain questions which can only be answered by people who have experienced the same thing (cancer). Support groups offer the opportunity for patients to be able to ask questions and receive support from people who understand the situation.
• Plan ahead.


Reducing exposure to asbestos can lower the risk of mesothelioma.

Most people with mesothelioma were exposed to asbestos fibers on the job. A worker may interact with asbestos fibers include: • miners
• Factory workers
• Insulation Manufacturers
• Boat Builders
• Construction workers
• Auto mechanics

Follow The "Safety Regulations"

Follow all safety precautions in the workplace, such as wearing protective equipment. Take a shower and change clothes before working lunch break or go home. Talk with a doctor about other precautions you can take to protect themselves from asbestos exposure.

Securing the asbestos in the home

Houses and old buildings may contain asbestos. In many cases, removing asbestos is likely to be more dangerous than leaving it in the conditions intact. Termination of the mineral asbestos can lead to asbestos fibers into the air so that the fibers can be inhaled. Consult with a trained expert on asbestos or to detect asbestos in the home. Experts can test the content of the air in the House to determine whether asbestos can be risky for health. Do not try to erase/eliminate asbestos from your own home, enlist the help of experts.

Mesothelioma Lawsuits

U.S. Federal grant to people who identified with mesothelioma to file lawsuits against a company. People who suffer from Mesothelioma legal rights given by law to file a Maryland Mesothelioma Lawsuit. For those who have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you may be compensated from the celebrations due to the publicity you against asbestos Mesothelioma Lawsuit through.

In terms of the demands related to mesothelioma, in general, many companies know the dangers of asbestos but failed to warn employees. It is this sort of claim and counter-claim are the most frequently asked questions in handling mesothelioma lawyer. Of course, there are a number of factors and other aspects that can be claimed, but the most important fact is that a lawyer who handled focus claim mesothelioma must have sufficient knowledge and reliable in addition about the ruling, but also about asbestos and mesothelioma with all its aspects. With adequate knowledge and reliable in understanding mesothelioma, a lawyer will determine the best attitude for clien should file a lawsuit or filing other types of claims.

Here are some of the company's law firm specializing in asbestos and mesothelioma-related lawsuits, settlements, and claims the trust;

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The history of the discovery of the disease and the best Lawyer mesothelioma

Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr. In many ways, life CV Starr is a classic American story: a young man of modest origins who rises to the top of American business. But Starr's experience is different. When it started its business in China in 1919, his model is to create partnerships with the local residents, the first being the Chinese banker and he always employs a staff of China.

This is the model for its business throughout Asia and around the world, long before  "globalism" or "multiculturalism" has become a general term. Starr is interested in the people who work hard and are good at doing what they do, no matter what line of business they.

Cornelius Vander Starr was born in Fort Bragg, California in 1892 at Ft. Bragg, CA. His father, also named Cornelius Starr, was a railway engineer Netherlands nationals, he died in 1895.

Mother of CV, interestingly enough, was given the name Frances Arabelle Starr aka Belle Starr, who was born in Tennessee in 1868. Census records show that in the year 1910 Belle is the head of the House where he lived in the area of logging in the Ten Mile River in the North. California's Mendocino County, where her mother and her brother, Frances and William j. Hart (age 36 and a driver on a train in a store), live with him, as well as a widower named Thomas Shelton and his two sons. As a day job, she just recorded her own income, " " while indicating he was Shelton's tree marker "" in the forest. Most of the neighbors in the area were employed in the timber industry that monopolizes the Mendocino County at that time.

Ten years earlier (1900) the head of the household was her husband, John b. Starr, perhaps his first brother (deceased). John was born in Illinois by parents Netherlands in 1873 and signed his work as  "Rangers. " there was also Benjamin Starr, two years older than John and CV, four years younger, born one year after father CV died.

As a young man

He briefly attended college at the University of California, after dropping out of College at the University of California, Berkeley, CV Starr returned to his hometown of FT. Bragg, CA, where he opened an ice cream shop and soda fountain in 1911. He later sold the business for $ $1,000.

In 1914 Starr moved to San Francisco, where he started to work for victims of the Pacific coast, sell car insurance during the day while reading law at night.

In the year 1917 Starr pass the exam, and received the license of the lawyer, he helped form and operate an insurance brokerage firm, Shean & Deasy.

Starr joined the U.S. Army in 1918 but never deployed overseas since World War I had ended.

In China

In 1919, at the age of 26 years, Starr began working as a clerk in the Pacific Mail Steamship Company in Yokohama, Japan, but was quickly bored and, after only half a year, he moved to Shanghai, China, where he took over the business of insurance an American businessman, and soon after also set the American Asiatic Underwriters, Inc.

CV Starr noted that many Chinese people live to the age of his Majesty, and calculated that the increase in the standard of living is likely to cause a further decline in the death rate. Showing properties that would later become characteristic of American international culture, he formed his own company, hired leading Chinese person to serve on the Board, and the talented local people to sell insurance to people they on its own. The most popular product is the eternal policy of 20 years.

Mr. Starr said that he's "very reticent, not polite, but very powerful. He could sell anything to anyone."

Here he demonstrated in 1922, when he visited an ancient Chinese temple complex, in the Xishan hills in Wuxi.

The Founder Of The American International Group (AIG)

In 1919 he founded what became known as the guarantor of Asian Americans (American International Underwriters) in Shanghai, China. He had long known  "China's Century" described and looming. It has been reported that he worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II when in China. After the war, he hired Captain OSS, Duncan Lee, a lawyer, who was general counsel of long-term American International Group (AIG). AIG left China in mid-1949 when Mao Zedong drove the Socialist individuals' Freedom Armed force's advance in Shanghai and Starr moved the organization home office to her home when in New York City.

Over the past 76 years of his lifetime, CV Starr, founder of predecessor company American International Group, Inc. (AIG), has an extensive career as a journalist, lawyer, international businessman, Publisher, and philanthropist.

The Founder Of The American International Assurance (AIA)

Cornelius Vander Starr is also the founder of the American International Assurance Company Limited (Thailand) and AIA Company Limited. Mr. Starr founded the AIA Group Limited. He served as Chairman of Starr International Company, Inc.

The affinity of Starr for Asia remains strong throughout his life, reflected in the business and in philanthropy. From its inception, the private foundation supports cultural and educational exchanges and organizations that allow Americans to learn about and engage with the people and cultures of Asia. After the death of Starr in 1968, Starr's successor, Maurice r. Greenberg has continued to expand the business and philanthropy Starr Starr in Asia, including a remarkable return to China in 1992.

Until now AIG and AIA became the world's largest insurance company.

There are still some hidden thing about vander starr. None of the various web site contains a history of AAU, AIU, AIG or AIC. It's almost like they all encourage the building of a legend. The lining of the anonymity of the very closed.

Wealth was so widespread so that can't be measured in dollars and cents.

Businessman. Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr.

Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr - Founder American International Group (AIG)

Biography of Ingvar Kamprad. Who is not familiar with IKEA, one of the largest furniture companies in the world on the pitch by Ingvard Kamprad. A company's brand popular worldwide for over 70 years. With a net profit of US $48.1 billion, currently,, Ingvard Kamprad is one of the world's richest billionaires of entrepreneurs. Kamprad is a very innovative, simple and very rich.

With the capital proceeds in the form of tchotchkes or cheap ornaments shaped souvenirs being sold to his neighbors, he starts a business revolution furniture worth US$11.8, and he managed to become a millionaire.

Childhood Ingvard Kamprad

Kamprad was born in the southern part of the country of Sweden in 1926 and at the age of 5 years old, he started selling matchsticks. At the age of 10, he cycled to surround the home region to sell Christmas decorations, fish and a pencil to his neighbors.

At the age of teenage years, he had joined in the Nazi Youth Movement due to encouragement from her grandmother who was a German-born idolizes Adolf Hitler the Nazi movement.

The Early Establishment Of IKEA

At the age of 17 years, the father of a small amount of money given Kamprad because of his achievements in school even though he actually suffered from a disorder dyslexia which can actually hinder their learning process. Money gifted by his father adds to the capital of his efforts so that the longer his business growing even accept orders from outside the city.

Kamprad named his efforts with the name IKEA which stands for IK (Ingvar Kamprad) and EA (Elmtaryr Agunnaryd) which is the name of the village where lived his childhood. With more and more capital, he sold furniture produced by craftsmen in the area.

Two years after it was founded, Kamprad of IKEA began using milk truck for delivery. In 1947, he started selling furniture from a local manufacturer.

In 1955, the manufacturer started to boycott IKEA, are opposed to the sale of goods with low prices on Kamprad. This encouraged him to design his own furniture.

Kamprad also is behind a revolutionary yet simple furniture-revolutionary-furniture that could be removed. He started selling IKEA products in a form that can be removed from the warehouse of the company. The basic concept and IKEA-simple, affordable furniture designed, distributed and sold by the company itself has been formed.

The core idea of IKEA is anyone can buy goods of the most modern and stylish. Kamprad pleased to not only cut costs but also bringing quality service to customers.

Kamprad's career develops, IKEA has evolved throughout Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, through Germany to the European continent and reach out to the world. When IKEA opened in Shanghai, up to 80,000 customers visit the store.

Business and charity

Kamprad of IKEA's headquarters move from Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1973 to avoid taxes business are less favorable for the sake of the development of the company. He moved together with his family to Switzerland to protest a tax will be higher in Sweden. But this time his company headquartered in the Netherlands and Kamprad had returned to Sweden.

In running its business, the Kamprad decided to create an independent company IKEA in the financial field. He argued that only with a long-term perspective the IKEA can help the company itself in growth planning.

Kamprad runs his business while raising funds for charity. The funds collected will be used for the IKEA Group investment business through franchising and donations for charitable purposes.

Family Kampard

Kamprad has a daughter and an adopted 3 boys wedding biological results. His sons have tremendous influence in the development of the IKEA business, they think of IKEA's vision into the future and long-term strategies. In the year 2013, the youngest son named Mathias was appointed as the Chairman of Inter IKEA that controls and run a franchise business IKEA worldwide after Kamprad, his father depose his post a.k.a. retired.

The Success Of IKEA

With a net worth $3.4 billion under the Forbes and $48.1 billion, Wealth-X, Ingvar Kamprad is now one of the richest in the world.

IKEA food services sales in a year generate $1.8 billion. Every IKEA store has a bistro that serves food such as meatballs and Sweden origin waffle available in stores. Currently, there are nearly 400 IKEA stores around the world. During this time, Kamprad has never had to borrow money or issuing stock.

Simple Lifestyle

There are many anecdotes about Kamprad. When Ingvar Kamprad's father complained that sleep late in the morning, he set himself to an alarm clock at 6 am but missed the alarm. According to Kamprad, people have to divide our life into 10 minutes and tried to sacrifice some good units for activities that are not meaningful.

Although it is old, Kamprad is still traveling the world to visit the IKEA store new ones. He was always friendly to call colleagues staff, encourage people to dress in comfortable than wear uniforms that are uncomfortable.

Has a wealth of very large assets, Ingvar Kamprad always keeps the image people are simple and economical. He used the popular class of ticket to fly, stay in cheap hotels, and even use bottles that are purchased in the local supermarket rather than using an expensive bottle of wine in the hotel. The people around have been driving a Volvo Kamprad them for more than two decades.

He also bought the old clothes while you still can buy fancy clothes. Explain the reason for such purchases, Kamprad told a magazine Sweden:  "it means I want to give a good example – that's the nature of the people of Småland-efficient. "

Currently, Kamprad is still a senior counsel and Manager decision making at IKEA, though his son Mathias is President. At the age of 91, he still hasn't fully resigned from his son at IKEA and its affiliated companies.  "Oh, too much to do and no time to die, " said.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the company is the owner of a retail home furnishings network of world-class, i.e. IKEA passed away on Saturday, January 27, 2018, left Sweden.

Businessman. Biography of Ingvar Kamprad.

Biography of Ingvar Kamprad – IKEA Founder Successful Simplicity

Biography of Carl von Thieme. Did you know that Allianz was founded in 1890 by Carl von Thieme and Wilhelm von Finck, who also founded the Munich Re? Carl von Thieme was a popular trained insurance specialist in the last third of the 19th century and is a recognized insurance in Imperial Germany.

Carl Thieme was born on April 30, 1844, in Erfurt.

His father worked as the Director of insurance. After school, Thieme trained in his father's insurance company, where he then worked. Thieme was moved in 1871 to General Insurance Agency management of Munich. Two years later, in 1873, he became the head of the Public Body. Specialist insurance set up  "Munich Reinsurance Company " in 1880 by Theodor von Cramer-Klett.

In April 1880, Carl Thieme starting business operations with four staff. A few weeks later, Carl Schreiner joined the Company to run the Office. In addition to Thieme, he is the only member of staff who has worked in the insurance business.

Thieme is the Director General of the company and also represented on the Board of Trustees until his death. Until the year 1880, the insurance has gained recognition as the world's largest reinsurance. In 1888, the company was transformed into a stock company. The company's success is due to the Thiemes of modern management, the pursuit of a strategy to diversify risk and global engagement.

From the Munich branch and headquarters in Hamburg, Vienna, and Paris,  "Munich Re's" extends to all countries in the world. In addition to his work for the insurance company based in Munich, Thieme was also involved in the founding of  "Allianz Versicherungsgesellschaft " in Berlin in 1890, where he collaborated with Wilhelm Peter von Finck. He has been involved in the Foundation's "Munich Re's", as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Finck was later also becoming Chairman of the Board of Trustees  "Allianz Versicherung ". Formed as a partner for reinsurance of accident insurance and fire in Berlin, Allianz capital at that time amounted to 4 million marks.

The first office abroad

The chief opened operator office in Vienna and Hamburg in 1881, with Hamburg's Office moreover handles business in Scandinavia. In 1886, Munich Reopens its first branch in Paris. At that point in 1887, Munich Re is beginning to extend its quality in Russia, marine protection and reinsurance understandings closed with the insurance agency, Lloyd Rossija Russia and Volga marine business that incorporates land and ocean.

The first share ownership in a primary insurance company

In 1887, Munich Re and the insurance agency Hamburg Feuer-Assecuranz-Compagnie von 1877 established the Hamburg-Munich Joined together, a noteworthy insurance agency in the Eastern Mediterranean. Undeniably vital is the Munich Re share possession in private mishap insurance agencies of Russia, Pomoschtsch in 1888. Thieme and a few individuals from the Leading group of Trustees bought stock in private be that as it may, truth be told, this is the principal value capital speculation of Munich Re and its first interest outside of Germany.

The first soul reinsurance agreements and the establishment of Allianz

In 1888, the principal soul reinsurance assertions marked on 3 July with Russia for the protection capital and Annuities in St. Petersburg and in 1889 Carl Thieme and Wilhelm Finck (he moved toward becoming von Finck on 1905) consented to build up mishap insurance agency and autonomous ocean in Berlin. On 17 September, Allianz Versicherungs-AG was developed by a course of action pass by Merck, Finck and co., Deutsche Bank, and diverse speculators.

Ten years after its Foundation, Munich Re has many business clients across the continent of Europe. But that hardly has a leg up in the market in two of the world's leading insurance market – the United Kingdom and the United States. To change this, Carl Schreiner-one of the first employees of the company, and a member of the Board since 1913-in charge of opening an Office in London.

After the successful opening of the London Office, in August 1892 Carl Schreiner across the Atlantic for the first time to open the U.S. market for Munich Re reinsurance. many foreigners now crowding into this market, and there are allegations that they encourage their way with low premiums artificially. Consequently, some States introduced the terms of the license. To receive a license, Munich Re will need to demonstrate that it has a registered office in the US. It established a branch in New York in the years 1897-Munich, Reform insurance companies United States Department.

The first big loss

Storms and floods are still considered the risks cannot be insured when the Kölnische Unfallversicherung offers coverage of the storm for the first time in 1899. Munich Re is involved and covers 50% of the risk. On February 7, 1904, a great fire broke out in Baltimore. Munich Repays a loss of about 4 million marks without having to use its assets. In the next annual report, the company said that its business in the US has survived from "baptism by fire".

On the morning of April 18, the city of San Francisco was rocked by the earthquake had a magnitude of 8.3 on the Richter scale. A gas main ruptured, and the city burned for four days. More than 3,000 people lost their lives, and about 28,000 homes were destroyed. First estimates put the overall damage around US$300 million, with a loss that insured about US $175 million. Shares of Munich Re reaches 11 million marks. To highlight the extent of the damage: it represents 7% of the gross premium income for the financial year 1905-1906.
Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr - Founder American International Group (AIG)

The Global market leader that is not disputed

Before the first world war, Munich Re is a global market leader that does not need to be among the company's reinsurance. On 1913-1914, it produces premium income gross amounted to 204 million marks. For comparison: the next two biggest companies, Schweizer Rück and Kölnische Rück, producing 42 million and 41 million marks.

Carl von Thieme died on October 10, 1924, in Munich.

Businessman. Insurance. Biography of Carl von Thieme.

Biography of Carl von Thieme - Businessman and Founder of Munich Re and the Insurance Allianz