The Biography Of Kurt Cobain. He is known as one of the Band members of Nirvana and also one of the famous musicians that ever existed. Kurt Cobain was born from the broken home especially when his parents divorced when he was eight years old. Kurt became sad, and often aloof. He wrote on the wall of his room “I hate mom”, I hate Dad”, Dad hates mom, mom hates dad, it simply makes you want to be sad. Since it was Kurt no taste at home and often lingering in. His musical talents were honed since childhood.

His musical talents are honed since childhood.

The year 1975 Kurt has joined the drum tutoring small and rarely home. When is the birthday of 14 he buys a guitar by his uncle. This guitar is played continuously day and night. He was very eloquent playing ladder led Zeppelin including, another one bites the dust Queen belongs. View Kurt main avid guitar very worried until his mother told him to stop playing the guitar but his mother his disregarded advice.

Kurt infatuation with music to make it out of high school and his mother were evicted from the House. Kurt continues to linger in the evening, join the community of music, to sleep under the bridge, the hunger to feed the fish in the river. One day Kurt tells his pain with the popularity of something on the road.

Kurt has taciturnity, difficulty communicating, has shut down so that it is difficult to find a partner. He recently found a partner after meeting Cris Novoselic. Along with Cris, he sought another partner and eventually met Dave Grohl. A third teenager was later formed the band Nirvana. The three of them are the idealistic musician that does not bother the flowing music, lyrics, or making the existing arrangement of the music. They flow as his conscience. Much of her songs tells the story of the revolt, rebellion, and pangs of life.

Nirvana kept rising like a meteor in the international music world after publishing their first album entitled "Bleach", even the album Nevermind was awarded double platinum. Kurt and Nirvana ultimately continued touring major cities in America and Europe for the promotion of the album. A welcome audience in the world outside of the allegations. Nirvana and Kurt become new Idol of young children in Europe and America, concert schedule, making video clips and all times as the superstars make Kurt thus depression.

She wants to live free, without enough pressure but happens instead. They chase the fans, concert schedules, timetables, a creation of promotional video clips as business demands record companies. Nirvana exploded around the world. Dressed in the style of music the way, stream their music on the emulated by teenagers in America and Europe. Kurt ended up addicted to heroin originally used to withstand the pain of chronic gastritis and scoliosis the illness he suffers long. Kurt repeatedly entered a drug rehabilitation program.

Peak depression Kurt occurs when Kurt Cobain unconscious when the concert in Munich Germany on March 1, 1994. Since leaving the hospital on 8 March 1994 Kurt often attempted suicide to his wife asking for help to police watching him. On 1 April 1994 Kurt back in drug rehabilitation centers. He later escaped from the place April 2, 1994. The police finally lend a hand finding the presence of Kurt, on 8 April 1994 an electrician discovered Kurt in the garage of his home with the deceased.

An Illustration Of The Kurt Cobain Before Suicide

"I beg to stay alive Courtney, for Frances, his will be happier without me. I love you. I love you."– to finish his letter.

Before dawn, Kurt Cobain has since woken up. Television turned on, MTV broadcast but without sound. He walked toward the stereo and set  "Automatic for the People's" of the REM, and then brightly lit a camel and put yourself in the Garden holding a paper with large sizes and a red pen in his chest.

Blank paper in a short time is able to resurrect his intention to write, write the words that have been envisioned him for weeks, months, years and even decades, but he's not immediately written because of the huge paper that looks small, limited. Actually she already long personal letter writing to his wife and daughter are placed under one of the perfume-scented pillow Courtney.

You know, I love you. I loved Frances. I'm sorry. Please do not follow me. Sorry, sorry, sorry, (he wrote repeatedly said "sorry" so as to meet the paper) I'm sorry. I will always be there (crossed out) – I'll protect you. I don't know where I'll go. But I could not stay longer here. (Handwritten letter with Kurt Cobain before his suicide)

Although the weight for him to write the first letter, she knows the second letter will be written will be equally important and that he should be careful about choosing his words. Then he wrote the title letters  "To Boddah "-the name of his imaginary childhood friend.

He uses small letters are written with very careful and write everything in a Union without worrying about punctuation. He composed his words carefully, to make sure his words are clear and easy to understand.

After finished writing the letter, the inclusion into the Pocket and he rose from his bed and took a bag containing nylon rifle, a box of bullets and a box of cigars containing heroin from his closet. Slowly he walked down nineteen staircases wide. There will be lots of blood, lots of blood and horror that not he want to happen in her house because she does not like to haunt his home and left his daughter with such nightmarish dreams has ever endured.

Kurt passed the kitchen, take a can of root beer. He opened the door leading to the backyard and walked through a small patio, walking casually toward the greenhouse is 20 steps, up the stairs and opened the wooden door leading to the garden. He sat on the floor of the building was one room, observing the State of the front door. Like a great Director, he's been planning this thing up on even the smallest details, there have been many a clean (attempted suicide) he did a couple of years later. Then he took a letter from his pocket, there's still a little room left over there. He put it on the floor and write with a larger letter –  "I beg to stay alive Courtney, for Frances, he will be happier without me. I love you. I love you."– to finish his letter.

He pulled out a gun from her purse. Then she went to the sink to take a little of the cooking water to heroin and then sit back. He pulled out a box of 25 rounds, open and take 3 rounds, put it in his magazine, cocked, then take the safety. She sucks a camel Light and drinks a few sips of the root beer. Then Kurt took the small plastic box containing the heroin in his cigars, black tar heroin type ala Mexico costs 100 dollars-an amount of heroin. He took half of it, the size of a pencil eraser, and put it on top of the spoon.

Carefully and very expert Kurt prepared his syringes and heroin, injecting him above the elbow. He put the tool back in the box and feel himself drifting. Kurt gets rid of equipment, light and the light again, while my breath so overweight. With the power remaining Kurt take the weight of the rifle and ordered him to his palate, its also not trigger weight loss of rifle. It would probably be very hard she is very sure of it. And then he went. Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994, at the age of 27 years. This again adds to the ranks of the legendary musicians who died at a young age.

Artist. The Biography Of Kurt Cobain – Musician Band Nirvana.

The Biography Of Kurt Cobain – Musician Band Nirvana

Biography Of Rihanna. He was born in Saint Michael on February 20, 1988, had a father named Ronald (descendants of Africans and Europeans) and mother named Monica Fenty (descendants of Guyana).

He has two siblings named Rorrey and Rajad. Rihanna attended Charles f. Broome Memorial School, and then the Combermere School, where she formed a trio with two of her classmates. In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere beauty contest and sang the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey in the Colours of Combermere School Show. Rihanna, born and raised in Barbados may not ever dream will set his foot in America.

Rihanna became known after the single "SOS" get a top peak on the Billboard Hot 100 that then followed the worldwide lead single "Umbrella". In the release of the album Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded version, he gets his surprise return. The single "Disturbia" and "Take a Bow", which also earned the number 1 position a few weeks. After that the "Live Your Life" which reached the top position on the Billboard. In Rihanna's "Rated R" also earned the top spot with the single "Rude Boy" perched at number one for 5 weeks.

Just like "Live Your Life", Rihanna released singles along with Eminem with the single "Love the Way You Lie" that exceeds the rating of other singles. The single perched at no. 1 for seven weeks. In the release of "Loud," Rihanna leaped from number 1 to number 66 with the single "What's My Name?" featuring Drake. So a single numbered a total is eight. It makes Rihanna into third place women who get the most Billboard chart number one. Including, Madonna at number one and Janet Jackson at number 2. Once again, she incises number one in Billboard Hot 100 with his single Only Girl (In the World) who a few weeks earlier with the number 3

After teaming with record label Def Jam, he spent the next three months recording and completing her debut album. The collection highlighted creation Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Stargate (generation group) and Jab and Tone first he teamed up with rapper Memphis Bleek Memphis Bleek's fourth collection "534". By then Rihanna released her first single Pon de Replay on August 22, 2005, which accomplished an apex of number one on the Board Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart. This turned into the point of exchange which achieved the best ten out of 15 nations. Their introduction collection, Music of the Sun was discharged in August 2005 in the Unified States. The collection itself achieved number ten on the Announcement 200, offering 69,000 duplicates in its first week. The collection sold more than two million duplicates worldwide and got a gold testament from the Account Business Relationship of America.

With her third Studio collection, Great Young lady Turned sour was discharged in 2007, Rihanna needs something new with the assistance of music maker Timbaland, William, and Sean Garrett, and rethink the piece of the collection with a crisp, uptempo move tracks, he embraced the more pictures of renegade while recording the collection, at last biting the dust his hair dark and trim it short. Rihanna remarked, "I need to get individuals moving yet at the same time heartfelt in the meantime you feel distinctive each collection, and at this stage, I have an inclination that I need to complete a lot of uptempo tunes. "The collection beat the graphs in nations, for example, the Unified Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Ireland, and crested at number two in the Assembled States and Australia. Not at all like past work, the collection included a more move pop solid rather than the dancehall, reggae and melody styles. The collection got positive audits by faultfinders, the collection turned into the most widely praised at the time when contrasted with the exertion.

On June 8, 2009, Rihanna's scheduled performance at the Grammy Awards but was canceled. The show was canceled allegedly quarrel with her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on charges of making criminal threats. On Walk 5, 2009, Dark colored was accused of the strike and making criminal dangers. Since the Rihanna photograph wounds from the Los Angeles Police Office got by officially spread. An association is known as STOP the Paparazzi has proposed enactment called "Rihanna's law".

Gil Kaufman of VH1 revealed "he conveyed the news relentless from the Rihanna/Darker case has raised various issues with respect to the security of charged casualties of aggressive behavior at home, including the choice by all significant news outlets to unveil the character of the casualty who isn't typically done in instances of abusive behavior at home and the dubious appropriation of the photograph spread". Rihanna was called to testify in the preliminary hearing in l.a. on June 22, 2009. Prosecutors say Rihanna will receive a summons. "I'll accept on his behalf," Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra told Us Weekly on June 22, 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to the violence done to Rihanna. In Return for his supplication Dark colored got five years probation and requested to remain fifty meters from Rihanna, except if at open occasions, which will then be lessened to ten meters.

Red, brave, sassy and flirty. This is really a buzz that would indicate Rihanna to everyone. Loud album cover with a dominant red, plus her flaming red as well since the end of August, Rihanna has a new image. Unmitigated chanter song Forbidden Love, The Virgin also imitates hairstyle Rihanna Red's own Album contains 11 songs, with two single masters "Only Girl (In the World)" and "What's My Name" featuring the voice of Drake. This album is outstanding in four editions in America, and one of them come "DVD The Making Of Loud." The aim of the process of making the album "Loud," Rihanna launches photo book Last Girl On Earth tour, October 27, and direct touring several countries to promote this. Special if the fans could see pictures behind the scenes in this book. "Altogether of a very specific moment of my life, an album of my life," says Rihanna. The tour for this book will continue for early 2011. Starting with Australia around March ' 11.

The first single "Only Girl (In the world)" was released September 10, 2010, with video clips of the nuances of Earth, water, and air that is packaged, exotic and full of tension. The song managed to enter the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart and reaching number 1 in the UK charts, Canada, Australia, and several other countries. "What's My Name?" is also not less successful. The single was released October 29, 2010, this put Rihanna as a singer who's been nine times the first position on the Billboard Hot 100. Besides Rihanna also released a promotional single for the fifth album, entitled who's That Chick and sung as a Duet with "David Guetta". Then, on 25 October, Rihanna and Kanye West released the snippet to be released singles, entitled All of the Lights.

Bio/Profile Of Rihanna

Name: Rihanna
Birthplace: Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988
Father: Ronald (descendants of Africa and Europe)
Mother: Monica Fenty
Forefront: Singer.

Rihanna Album List

Music of the Sun (2005)
A Girl Like Me (2006)
Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Rated R (2009)
Loud (2010)

Artist. Biography of Rihanna-Singer From Barbados.

Biography of Rihanna, Singer From Barbados