| Jackie Robinson Story: God's Verses to survive. After World War 2 ended, in America there are unwritten rules to distinguish someone from wanna Peel. Then what is it about 42? 42 is the number the back of a black baseball player, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972), or Jackie Robinson and became the first African American to play Major League Baseball in the year 1947.

Although not the first Negro to play professional baseball, he ended 80 years of baseball segregation. Robinson entered Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962 and he was also a member of the six-team World Series. He earned six nominations All-Star Game in a row and won several awards during his career. In 1947, Robinson won The Sporting News Rookie of the Year Award. Two years later, he won the National League MVP Award for the first time.

Starting from an idea conceived by white parents, branch Rickey who controlled the Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Club, with her baseball Club could advance to the World Series and the destroyed border wall between blacks and whites.

He hoped after Jackie there will be other Negroes could play with this white-skinned Club. That idea got ridiculed by peers and the media, but Rickey remains confident with the decisions taken.

His club before joining the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie joined the Montreal Royals to test her abilities. Although many got the rejection from the real audience, Jackie managed to prove his abilities along with the Montreal Royals and Dodgers team members.

"You want players who don't have the courage to reply?". (Jackie Robinson)

"Isn't it. It's not like that's what I want. I want a player that has the courage not to retaliate. They will not like this. They will do anything to make you react. They expect a reply invective with invective, blow by blow, "(Branch Rickey)

Before his return to the Dodgers, the whole team of players in teams the Dodgers makes a petition to deny playing with Jack. But the Manager managed to make the most of players withdrew the petition. Jackie struggle not over yet, he often gets the real insults from players and his team, especially the team manager scorns the Phillies very interfere with concentration playing field.

In fact, he also received the throw the ball very hard and on his head from a pitcher. Not only that, his feet never had to receive stitches because of the actions of a player who accidentally stepped on his foot.

Slowly, however, Jackie was able to play well under the pressure of people who don't want it are in the field and their endearing. In the end, Jackie managed to carry the Dodgers into the World Series in 1955 and entered in the list of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Each year during the month of April all Major League Baseball Players wear uniforms with 42 Basketball Jersey to commemorate the accomplishments of Jackie Robinson as legendary American players.

From Jackie Robinson that we can Learn how dare not replying to any persecution came to him and keep going on the path you have chosen. Of course, it is not easy being in new surroundings full of rejections.

This is the first step that must be traversed when someone has a big dream. Mental exam, the most basic Stages to control me and could stop anyone who couldn't get through it, though you have a great talent.

Same is the case at the time Jackie had to accept his feet hurt, her friends are planning on doing a blow that will hit the opponent's head injury to his leg, but just ask Jack to make him "out".

Our task only survives and walk in the way that we want, even though there is always the way of pebbles and thorns that will hurt. In the real world we can see, the beautiful scenery that the existence of places that not everyone was able to come through.

Forcing them to climb, the roads slippery, diving, which can deprive their lives at any time. But because of a desire to get a good picture and can make anyone amazed if they dare to look at it, do so.

Life is like a play, it always ends with a happy ending. Though in the midst of his many challenges will be faced. If it's not happy, it means that it is not over yet. And they that hate will ultimately be Tight-lipped when thy dream is achieved because they only need to prove.

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Jackie Robinson Foundation

In addition to his achievements in the field of sports, Jackie Robinson is also one of the pioneers in the human rights movement. He also wrote in a newspaper column for several years, where he supported the struggle of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm x. to appreciate his services, he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom after his death. On April 15, 1997, in commemoration of the 50 years of his early career, his number 42 rest in the MLB. His life story was made into the movie screen with The Jackie Robinson Story, in which he played himself. In 1946, Robinson married Rachel Annetta Isum. In 1973, after Jackie died, Rachel founded the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Jackie Robinson Story: God's Verses to survive