Biography Of Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was born poor, low self-esteem, and is destined to fail, just as some of us. His childhood was filled with misery, failure, and hopelessness. However, all of that's never turned his passion to be a great man.

How Dale could change his destiny? And more importantly, how do we change our destiny? I am sure you have a personal vision is the answer! The spirit and power of Dale lie in his vision, and the biography below attest to this truth!

The Life Of Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was born on a farm in Missouri ten miles of railroad, he never saw the car until the age of twelve years. But when she was 46 years old, he was already familiar with the corners of the most remote in the world, anywhere, ranging from Hong Kong to Hammerfest; and at one time, she went closer to the North Pole than the headquarters of Admiral Byrd at Little America to the South Pole.

This Missouri children, ever pluck fruit arbei and cutting wood with a five cent an hour wage, now a coach with the highest paid to the executives of big companies in the art of self-expression.

The former cowboy, who once branded the calf and put up a fence to the West of South Dakota, then went to London to make a show under the patronage of the Royal family.

Dale Carnegie, who experienced a total failure as much as six times when he tried to speak in public, later became a personal Manager Lowell Thomas.

Young Carnegie has struggled to obtain an education, as misfortune always hit on the old farm in the West of the Lau Missouri. Over the years, the "102" flooded and sank the corn and swept clean straw. From season to season, fat pigs ended up tired and kicked the bucket of cholera, the cows showcase droop down to the base, and the bank is undermining to abandon his home loan.

Feel disappointed and desperate, the family sold all their holdings and buy another ranch near State Teachers ' College in Warrensburg, Missouri. Rent rooms may actually be retrieved in the city at a price of one dollar a day, but Carnegie young cannot afford to pay. Then he should stay on the ranch and round trip on horseback as far as three miles into college that every day. At home, he is milking cows, chopping wood, feeding the children of pigs, and learned Latin verbs with coal oil lamp, lighting up his eyes become grim and his head started to droop.

Even as he lay in bed at night, he set up his ring so alarm at three in the morning. His father kept the Kids Jersey-Duroc pigs – and in place of it dangerous, on the nights are very cold, the pig's kids will freeze and die; then they put in the basket, shrouded with burlap sacks, a median was put on the back burner of the kitchen. According to their nature, pigs were demanding food warm at 3 a.m. Then, at the time the alarm rang, Dale Carnegie stop crawling out of the blanket, carrying baskets of pigs it to their mother, keep them fed, and then bring them back to the back of the kitchen stove.

There are 600 understudies contemplating in the State Instructors ' School, and Dale Carnegia is one understudy who is confined from about six of the individuals who can't stand to live in the city. She felt embarrassed in view of poor people, and he needed to come back to the farm riding and includes milking each night. He was embarrassed with his clothes that are too narrow, and long pants that are too short. He quickly developed into a low self-esteem, he was trying to see around looking for a shortcut. He soon finds out that there are several specific groups in College who enjoyed influence and prestige – i.e. football players and baseball, as well as the people who won the debate and public speaking contest.

Realizing that he had no talent for athletics, he decides to win one of the pageant's speech. He spent many months in preparing his speech. Her practice when sitting on the saddle of the horse went to campus and when he was milking cows; and then she would accumulate in stored grain and straw with a fervor practice his speech so fiery dove into fear seeing the events of that day.

However, Rukan, though with a passion and preparation, Dale young turned out to be losing for the sake of defeat. At the time he was 18 years old, was a sensitive and arrogant. He's become very desperate, very depressed, so that's even thought of suicide. But then it happened all of a sudden she started grabbing a victory not just on one contest, but every contest speech that took place at the campus.

Other students implored him to train them, and they also win in the competition.

After graduating from College, he started selling correspondence courses to the entrepreneurs of the cattle in the market among the hills west of Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming.

Although he has the energy and enthusiasm that indefinitely, he still could not achieve success. He became quite desperate so she went to his hotel room in Alliance, Nebraska, in the middle of the day, throwing his body into the bed, and the wail of despair.

He wanted to return to campus, he doesn't want to give up the hard struggle of his performance; but he couldn't afford it. Then he decided to go to Omaha and look for another job. He did not have the money to buy a train ticket, then set out on a freight train, and for that, he had to feed and drink two-carriage trains wild horses as a fare for a ride.

After arriving in Omaha South, he got a job selling Bacon, SOAP, and lard for armor and company. Its territory is in the Badlands and settlements in the Western India South Dakota.

He surrounds his territory with a freight train and be sais, or on horseback and sleeping in hotels where the rooms are the boundary only between Muslim cloth. He studied books on sale, go horseback riding, plays poker with the people of India, and learned how to raise money.

And when, for example, was appointed keeper of the outback stores couldn't pay cash for pork that has been ordered, Dale Carnegie, will take half a dozen pairs of shoes from you position it, selling shoes-shoes to the people on the train, and submit down payment she made it to the Armour and company.

He often attended lessons take a freight train miles a day. When the train stopped to unload the charge, he will rush ran to the city, find three or four traders, get their orders; and by the time the train whistle goes, he will rush back for more sneaks and rely on the train when the train began to move.

Within two years, he has transformed the one region that is not productive and managed to become the number one seller in a train route 29 between sound to South Omaha. Steel companies and promotional offers to him. Those difficulties,  "you've reached what seems impossible. " But Dale refuses promotion of it and stopped, went to New York, studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and touring the country of it, plays a role in Dr. Harley Polly Circus.

She would never be appointed Booth or elevated Barrymore. He had the good sense to realize it. Then he went back to work to sell it, sell cars and trucks for the Packard Motor Car Company.

Dale did not understand anything about the engine, and he doesn't care anything about it. With great reluctance, he must painstakingly push himself to work every day. He wants to have time to study, to write books that had he dreamed first on campus. Then he stopped and started working! He decides will be his days by writing stories and novels, and finance itself by teaching at night school.

Teach what? When he remembers the past and evaluate the results of the work when he was in College, he was the date that had been training in public speaking gave him a lot of confidence, courage, and ability to meet and deal with people in business than with all the subjects merging d. then, he urged the school MC y. à New York gave him the opportunity to manage the course on the public speaking ability for business people.

What makes both these business people as an orator? Does not make sense. An s Y.M.C. sysops know. S those who try such courses, and always failed.  When they refused to pay the salaries of Dale two Dollars/night, Dale agreed to teach on a Commission basis, and only take a percentage of the profits a white garment – if it makes a profit. And for three years, it turns out they paid him thirty dollars a night--not two dollars.

The course was rapidly growing. Another college to hear it, others criticize. Dale Carnegie course soon became a thriving circuit rider, who attended the New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and later in London and Paris.

All textbooks proved too academic and not practical for business people who come in droves to the course. Because of that, he later wrote his own entitled  "Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business ". The book became the official textbook of all Y.M.C. A, likewise at the American Bankers Association and the National Credit men's Association.

There is at least 9 leadership style that you can follow from a Dale Carnegie.

#1 IF YOU NEED to FIND the ERROR, start with praise and honest Appreciation

#2 CRITICIZED BUT NOT HATED, Let other people's Mistakes by not Directly


#4 NO ONE who LIKES RULED, ask questions instead of Giving Direct Orders


#6 HOW to SPUR OTHERS to success, Praise the slightest Improvement




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