Biography Of Sigmund Freud. This one is pretty figures played an important role in the field of psychology. A very central role in the development of the science of psychology, especially in the field of psychoanalysis makes it ought to be referred to as a legendary Psychologist. The following profile and biography of Sigmund Freud.

Biography Of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 in the city of Freiberg is situated in what is now Czechoslovakia, but used to include the territory of the Kingdom of Austria. He was the son of Jacob Freud and Amalia Freud.

A Young Man

When he was four years old, his family moved to Vienna where he spent almost his entire life. Freud was a student at the school, topnotch holds a Bachelor of medicine from the University of Vienna in 1881.

Interested in psychology

Biography of Sigmund Freud noted that during the next ten years he made extensive inquiries in the field of psychology, forming the clinic staff Psychiatry, do private practice in the field of Neurology, working in Paris alongside French neurologist notable Jean Charcot and also together with a physician Josef Breuer people of Vienna.

The Works Of Sigmund Freud

Freud's ideas on the developing level of Psychology for the sake of the level. New in the year 1895 first book Inquiry about the rising Hysteria, in collaboration with Breuer.

Next book interpretation of dreams published in 1900. This book is one of his most original and the most important sales market, although slow at first, but toss him.

After that came pouring out his works are important, and in 1908 when Freud gave a series of lectures in the United States, Freud was already so people are downright honors celebrities.

In 1902 he organized the group discussed the problem of psychology in Vienna. One of the first members who join themselves is Alfred Adler, and some years later also joined Carl Yung. The two men eventually also became a master of the science of Psychology through their own efforts.

Freud married Martha Bernays and had children numbering six people. At the end of his life, he contaminated bone and jaw cancer at the beginning of 1923 and thereafter he underwent surgery more than thirty times in order to restore its condition.

Sigmund Freud died

Even so, he still found work and some important works emerged in the following years. In 1938 the Nazis occupied Austria.

Sigmund Freud already aged 82 years and Jewish descent was forced to go to London, United Kingdom. It avoids pursuit of Nazi soldiers who are hunting the Jews in Europe at the time. Sigmund Freud died on September 23, 1939, in London, United Kingdom.

The Thought Of Sigmund Freud

Freud's contributions to the field of the theory of Psychology so vast its power so it is not easy to condense it. He stressed the great significance of the process of the unconscious attitudes of humans.

He pointed out how that process affects the content of dreams and caused a fumble that waffle-waffle or wrong call, forget against names and also cause suffering over homemade and even diseases.

Psychoanalysis Engineering

Freud developed the technique of Psychoanalysis as a method of healing psychological disease. And he formulated the theory of the structure of human beings. He also developed the theory of popularizing or psychology related to anxiety, self-defense mechanism, the incidence of circumcision, depression, sublimation and much more.

His writings inspired the excitement of the field theory of psychology. Many of his controversial so the fishing heated debate.

Freud may be most famous in terms of proposing the idea that sexual arousal which depressed often become an important cause in the event of illness or neurosis.

He also pointed out that sexual arousal and sexual appetite beginning at the moment of childhood rather than at the time of maturity.

Many of his ideas regarding Freud still at odds with each other, it is very difficult to put his position in history. He is a pioneer as well as the diggers, with talent and extraordinary intelligence which produces a wide range of ideas.

However, Freud's theories (not like Darwin or Pasteur) never managed to get an agreement from the community of scientists and very difficult to say that the part-which part of the idea is that eventually may be regarded as a truism.

Apart from the ongoing conflict against his ideas, it seems very little doubt that Freud was a prominent figure in the history of human thought.

His opinion in the field of psychology has really revolutionized our conception of the human mind, and many of the ideas, as well as the terms, have been used by the public – for example, ego,  the Oedipus complex and the tendency of the desire to want to die.

Indeed, Psychoanalysis is a way of healing a very expensive and very serious and also did not manage anything. But, it is also correct that engineering success-a great success.

Future psychologists conclude that sexual desire is depressed will be more and more important role in human behavior rather than supposition adherents understand Freud.

However, this passion has certainly had a large stock of most psychologist before Freud. Similarly, the majority of psychologists is now convinced that the down-conscious mental processes play a role that is decisive in human behavior, something an underrated people before Freud.

Freud is indeed not a psychologist first, and in the long run, might not be considered his ideas most of approaching truth.

However, he was clear of the most influential and most important in the development of modern psychology theory and his views that have huge meaning in its field offering to him the right to a high enough in the order listed in the list of one hundred most influential Figures in history.

People. Biography Of Sigmund Freud – The Legendary Psychologist.

Sigmund Freud – The Legendary Psychologist

Biography Of Edward J. Snowden. Snowden called complete Edward J Snowden became ingredients worlds discussions since early June 2013 because of the courage of United States espionage against publishing the internet users and telephone.

Personal Life

Edward J Snowden spent elementary school education up to high school at Croton, Anne Arundel County Public Schools at Gambill's. Snowden met a girl named Lindsay Mills. This ballet dancer girl is a graduate of the Maryland College of Art. This girl then became the companion of life Snowden.

On May 7, 2004, Snowden recorded one of the United States Army trainees as Special Forces but was issued on September 28, 2005. He did not complete the training or receive any awards  "said the U.S. Army's Chief Civilian, George Wright.

Snowden's life began to change when he worked at the NSA (National Security Agency) in Hawaii annually with revenues amounting to 200,000 security personnel as $US. He served in a secret facility at the University of Maryland. Because he never learned to program computers, Edward Snowden then enters as the American intelligence service or the CIA. Potential and extraordinary talents make him become an information technology security specialist at the CIA.

The NSA is the United States ' largest intelligence agency responsible for gathering and analysis of communications and signals intelligence, plus the cybersecurity (The National Security Agency, the largest in u.s. intelligence agency, which is responsible for collecting and analyzing communications and signals intelligence, cybersecurity plus).

Edward Snowden then quit the CIA in the year 2009. He then reconnects with the NSA. This time he became a private contractor to NSA. Its job is to make him have to move from one company to another company, including American military facilities are in Japan and the Dell computer company.

According to the United States began doing Snowden recognition of espionage since the year 2009 and as many as 61,000 thousand computers in the hack include hundreds of targets including the Hong Kong and mainland China.

A few days before the news of espionage was published on June 6, 2012, written by Glenn Greenwald a columnist The Guardian for security issues United States Snowden flew from Hawaii to Hong Kong on May 20, 2013.

Effect Of Snowden

The life of Edward Snowden became phenomenally in mid-July, 2013. Snowden became a discussion after it was revealed that the NSA data-stealing internet users and telephone. He also revealed that the Government of the United States has a wide range of personal data which are accessible according to Google, Yahoo. Facebook, PalkTalk, YouTube, Skype, and AOL. This program is then known as PRISM. He revealed this in the leading media in the United States. And news about this great effect Snowden for the development of the technology world. This event is known as Snowden Effect.

The effect of its publish related news American spy that monitors the activity of the citizens of the United States through the internet is in an uproar. The effects are not only felt by the people in America but also around the world. So many people worry about personal data related to various internet sites that most of its business comes from the United States.

After the published document about Prism, Edward Snowden then revealed that the communications security Canada do the same against the users of internet services Wireless Fidelity or WiFi. People who use this service at the main airports will be easy to track down a few days later. Of course, this being a warm conversation. To the extent that the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, investigations about whether agencies are doing things that are alleged by Snowden. In addition, including the countries that protect the personal data of citizens of Canada.

Snowden also met directly with the Green Party of Germany Hans-Cristian Stroebele, who said that the former employees of the United States are ready to explain the NSA contract in Germany authorities how wiretapping is carried out U.s. National Security Agency (NSA).

Phone tapping Chancellor of Germany published magazine Germany Des Tagesspiegel. Magazine issue Germany as quoted BBC's "NSA allegedly wiretapped mobile phone used to call Markel caretaker Christian Democrat Union Party, not official mobile phone used to run errands or Government activities State of the Union.

Hans-Christian Stroebele showed a letter at reporters in Berlin, which he wrote Snowden.  "Said honestly is not a crime, " writes Snowden in the letter.

Snowden Became A Fugitive

Snowden had filed asylum proposals to 21 countries. Russia, Norway, Poland, and Austria was the first country which States have received asylum Snowden. Of all the country, Poland claimed the refusal.

Snowden reportedly flew to Hong Kong from Ecuador via Russia. A few days before the Government of the United States has already asked China and Russia so as not to allow the Snowden is out.

Snowden arrived in Moscow Russia from Hong Kong (23/6/2013) where he first fled. Previous week Snowden accused United States authorities conduct espionage.

Snowden also is facing lawsuits from the United States because it is considered to have committed Espionage was trying to seek asylum in Ecuador where the country in which the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange got asylum.

The Government of Ecuador has received a request for asylum from Edward j. Snowden  "said Ecuador's Foreign Minister Palimo via his personal Twitter account.

"I am willing to sacrifice everything because I am in full consciousness of the U.S. Government do not want to destroy privacy, internet freedom, and freedoms fundamentally every human being worldwide currently overseen through the tappers built machine in secret, "he said.

"All the options that I've got it bad, " says Snowden.   "I could be ' taken ' CIA whenever they want to include their third party partners. They (the CIA) is close to a number of the country or could simply pay the Triads. Agents or assets they could pursue me,  "says Snowden.

Regardless of the action which violates the rules of the country, Edward Snowden has done something good. Tapping data users certainly is a violation and Snowden knows this so she discloses it. Because the action deemed this incredible, bespectacled man who is often seen this proposed to accept the Nobel Peace Prize 2014. Edward is supposed to have provided the solution for a better world. The proposal was put forward by two politicians own Norway and various other parties. In this case, it seems that Snowden does really phenomenal.

People. Biography Of Edward J. Snowden.

Biography Of Edward J. Snowden - Men Who Dismantle U.S. Intelligence Documents

The Biography Of Julian Assange. He is one of the most sought by the United States because of leaking confidential documents to all Americans through Wikileaks. Julian Paul Assange was born 39 years ago in Queensland, Australia.

Julian is the Publisher, hackers and internet activist. Its name into the spotlight of the world due to its site, Wikileaks, managed to get the secret documents the U.S. superpower. The true figures, that allegedly reached 250 thousand documents. All the contents of the document will be published to the public through the site little by little.

The Biography Of Julian Assange

Julian's childhood was less happy. His mother, Christine, remarried to a controversial New Age movement. Julian little rarely get a formal education. even since his stepfather was very cruel, he and his mother had to flee and nomadic life. Noted he has moved the residence as much as 37 times before  14 years old. Home Schooling is not new stuff for him.

When moving up, he followed the lectures at a number of universities in Australia. In 1987, at the age of 16 years, Julian started his career in the field of computer hackers. He wears the name Mendax ' password '. Along with two other colleagues, he founded a group called International Subversives. Julian and his friends are not the destroyer program or site. They stole data from these sites are ' secret ' and distributed them to the public.

The young group has access to a number of well-known universities in Australia. Even venturing into foreign countries, one of them access to Nortel, a telecommunications company in Canada. Yet because it is still ' green ' Assange, caught in 1991, and declared guilty of 24 allegations of hacking activity. But he is free of that year by paying a fine of a number of AUS $2100.

Setting Up Wikileaks

In 2006, Assange along five others founded a site called Wikileaks. Assange acts as spokesman for the site, therefore, only he's only known as officers of Wikileaks. The original purpose of this site is to dismantle the company's behavior is judged unethical, as well as help the eradication of corruption in public institutions.

The motto of the Wikileaks actually noble, i.e. ' Transparency/openness ', it can be seen on his website, i.e. a paragraph that reads "Transparency creates a better life for all people. Good supervision will reduce corruption and strengthen democracy in all social institutions, including Government, corporations and other organizations, "

Wikileaks site is voluntary. Julian Assange and his group did not receive a penny of their actions. All fees obtained from Wikileaks comes from the site's visitors. But the result is not playful, Assange has said that Wikileaks has brought together Government secret documents over much of the findings of all media in the world even if such findings are combined into a single package.

She has been involved in publishing material about extrajudicial killings in Kenya, where he won the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award. He also has published material about the dumping of toxic waste in Africa, the manual of the Church of Scientology, Guantanamo Bay, and bank procedures such as Kaupthing and Julius Baer. In 2010, he published details of a classified United States involvement in the war on in Afghanistan and Iraq. At that point, on November 28, 2010, WikiLeaks and five kindred media started distributing the mystery U.S. discretionary links. The White House calls the activity Assange's imprudent and hazardous.

A result of his actions, Julian Assange will have to stay sedentary. Maybe this is normal for her, given the roots of ' nomadic '. He stayed at the airport. Sometimes he is in Australia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Lastly, Assange reportedly rented a house in Iceland, last March.

But Julian Assange is not a mysterious figure. Her often attend interviews with the media, such as Al Jazeera, MSNBC, Democracy Now! and The Colbert Report.

Julian Assange last appeared before the public in early July and then, at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York. His presence was not physically, but rather utilize the sophistication of technology via Video Conference. This is normal because since that time Wikileaks has begun to spill into the U.S. public, certainly not safe for himself and his colleagues to set foot in the superpower.

Wikileaks obtained a number of awards, among them media awards from Amnesty International in 2009, the Economist Index on Censorship in 2008, Sam Adams Award in 2010.

Julian Assange ever could not escape from the awards. He was named one of the 25 visionaries who will change the world the magazine version of the Utne Reader. Not only that, the prestigious Time magazine ever pin the title of Person Of The Year 2010 to the blond man.

Since last appearing on last June, Assange never again seemed to stem his nose up to now. He allegedly Middle hid. Assange became the number one fugitive by Interpol after a request by Sweden. But not because of the affair leaked documents. Assange sought on charges of rape, and sexual abuse in Sweden. Not a few have speculated, Assange was accused of intentionally so, a result of him reveal secret documents.

The impact of the Act Julian Assange is very pronounced. Countries of the Americas as we narrow the lost heart face action man of this one. Not only that, the other superpower like China, Japan, and even to Indonesia ever undertook to fire beard. How not, not possible in these secret documents there are things like distorted the basic power abuse. Whatever happens, Julian Assange, a definitely has created a new revolution in the field of transparency of the media.

The Biography Of Julian Assange.

The Biography Of Julian Assange. Founder of | Who is Razan al Najjar? Nurse shot dead Israel. Razan al-Najjar, 21, was shot dead by Israel soldiers as he fled towards the border fence to help victims injured in Gaza, June 1, 2018.

Who is Razan al Najjar?

Razan is a nurse who worked voluntarily for the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). He worked in an area that just a few hundred meters away from the family home.

Earlier, some media never interviewed women aged 21 years. One is about why he wants to come plunge into the terrain of conflict?

"I would be very embarrassed if I am not there to (help) the Palestinians. Already my duties and obligations to be here and help those who were injured, "said Razan in the interview with Al Jazeera in April 2018.

He himself had previously injured, collapsed twice due to the inhalation of the gas. On April 13, he injured an ankle at the time fell while running toward demonstrates was injured.

Razan was shot

Razan was shot while fleeing toward the border fence near Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, June 1, 2018. He was trying to help wounded victims.

Wearing a white shirt, the uniform of the paramedic, "he raised his hands aloft with very clear, but Israel Army shot and he was shot in the chest," said a witness.

Other witnesses recalled that Razan initially did not realize that he was already shot. While the bullets have translucent to the back, she just realized and said "my back, my back!" then he fell to the ground.

Mustafa Barghouti, President of the PMRS, explaining that Razan was shot in the chest, even though he was clearly wearing a white vest and a Crescent Moon symbol of the Red Cross, and the coat of arms of PMRS that indicates that he is part of the medical team.

Two weeks before the death of Najjar, a medical officer named Mousa Abu Hassanein also was shot to death by Israel's military.

Mousa's death leaves a profound sorrow and anger of medical volunteers in the Gaza Strip, including Najjar.

However, Najjar is not the type of person who just quietly, he precisely did the interview published on social media.

This is one of the attitudes that Israel draw attention to him.

In the interview, Najjar said,  "we witnessed many attacks by Israel troops, including medics and journalists are targeted. But should they be protected,  "

 "I want the whole world to see, why Israel forces targeting our only paramedics? We didn't even fight, not attacking and not doing any harm. We only save those who are injured, trying to heal their wounds,  "

 "So, please answer why they are targeting us also? "

Maya Angelou, The Female Character of Anti-Discrimination and Bittersweet Story of Childhood

This is the 5 facts about Razan al Najjar

1. Razan served 13 hours a day on the border of Gaza

Razan has joined volunteers since March 30, 2018, and he comes almost every day caring for wounded civilians. He works from 7 am to 8 pm, about 13 hours per day. Within a day, Razan al Najjar could help treat 70 people injured.

"We're doing this because we love the country. This humanitarian work "said reported by the Times.

2. Do an interview with the Times magazine before his death

In may, shortly before his death, Najjar never do an interview with the Times Magazine. One of the contents of the interview was that he said that women also played an important role in the Palestinian community, particularly the Gaza Strip.

 "Women in our society are judged, considered one eye. But they must accept us because we have more power than anyone,  "said Najjar.

3. The Uniform which is always ' bloody '

Najjar became a paramedic after taking the diploma School of nursing. Since serving as a volunteer of the protest in the Gaza Strip, Najjar really total in the works.

According to his mother, Sabreen Najjar, his daughter even often remain at the border until all the protesters returned home. Medical uniforms are always filled with blood when he returned home. It is the blood of the wounded who had rescued Najjar that day.

4. Razan al Najjar a daredevil as a child

Najjar is the eldest daughter of six children. Since childhood, he is a figure of a child who is strong, and courageous. Saudarnya, Dalia al-Najjar recalls the figure of Razan as Playmate of a good-natured and fun.

 "I do not believe he had been killed. I'm very proud of how his dedication to the country. Formerly a small time, she often comes to Grandma's House and we play together,  "says Dalia al-Najjar.

5. The funeral was attended by thousands of people

Razan was buried on Saturday, June 2, 2018, and his funeral was attended by thousands of people. Starting from civilians, families, and relatives are also fellow medical volunteers fought alongside Razan when her life.

Razan's death also leaves sorrow for so many people involved in the Gaza conflict.

Who is Razan al Najjar? Nurse shot dead Israel